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    Sis's Plot Tracker


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    Sis's Plot Tracker Empty Sis's Plot Tracker

    Post by Lily on Tue Sep 01, 2020 8:51 am

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    2➤STR: C
    2➤CON: C
    3➤STA: B
    4➤SPD: A
    6➤CRD: S
    3➤INT: B
    4➤PRS: A

    4➤D: +3, Weapon
    1➤C: BUKI
    1➤B: SMN
    1➤A: NIN
    1➤S: SUI
    2➤X: +1, MED

    Restricted 1: Water Mirror
    Restricted 2: that rain one
    Summon 1: Penguins
    ➤UA 1: Penguins Explode on death, dmg equal to Rank
    ➤UA 2: -1 rank damage from water and Ice attacks, +1 rank dmg from fire and Scorch attacks.
    Summon 2 (ES): Clouds
    ➤UA EX: FOG FORM (HOZUKI but weak to wind, 1k to unlock)
    ➤UA 1: Chakra drain for +1 rank dmg
    Cloud Sage
    ➤Usual Sage Mode rules.
    ➤Cloud Kata gives user ++ to INT and STA
    ➤Cloud Kata releases a fog around the user in a 10m radius. While the user is in fog, they are affected by an advanced Chakra Supression, and can see things in a manner similar to the Byakugan (normal, chakra, tenketsu, nature energy, infared), the range equal to the fog they're in. This range can be extended by fog techniques or natural fog. (Natural fog goes up to what the user's sensory technique qould normally go to.)
    ➤Fire & Poison Immune
    ➤Water, Ice, Blaze, Scorch, and Physical do 1 tier less dmg
    ➤Sensory Sight and Telepathy up to 60m
    ➤Fear Aura within 15m that can cause coord/speed debuffs depending on Int.
    ➤Use autolearns Perfact Copy and it no longer costs CP/requires the clap to use.
    ➤Flame cloak for 1 tier stats, like black lightning but with fire.
    ➤Fiend transform for 2 tier. User can grow additional limbs like Nature clan at this stage.

    C➤ Eiko; FF9; Bee Summon?
    A➤ Buddy; Lisa the Painful/Joyful; Ken/Tai fighter

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