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    Rising of a new darkness


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    Rising of a new darkness - Page 2 Empty Re: Rising of a new darkness

    Post by Sayuri Thu Aug 27, 2020 12:16 pm

    Sayuri pushed the frozen creature along with all the strength she had left. It would glide easily once it picked up speed, making her efforts less of brute force and more of careful guiding as it slid along the path she had created. Before long it splashed into the river, quickly caught up by the strong current and floated off towards the sea. It would be a while before it reached its new home, but Sayuri would stand there and watch it with curiosity in her bright blue eyes until it passed out of her sight. She wondered what it would feel like, to sink into the icy cold darkness of the bottom of the ocean. She imagined it was peaceful and quiet, a place where she could finally rest.

    As she felt Sero move to stand beside her she would shake the dark thoughts from her mind and turn to look up at him. His voice was growing on her, if she listened very carefully she imagined she could hear inflection where there was none. And in some small way that gave her comfort. His eyes were cold and hard, his voice monotone and his aura terrifying. But he was her friend and she could feel enough for the both of them. She nodded as he mentioned he was leaving, even as a sickening feeling swirled in the pit of her stomach. She didn’t want him to leave, but she knew that was only her fear talking and so she would not say it aloud.

    “Be safe, friend. I will be nearby here, I need to memorize these woods. And I will defend our home.”

    She didn’t want to use the word ‘goodbye’, it felt too formal and world changing. So she simply watched as he turned away and faded into the mists. With a heavy sigh she would turn and go back into the cave, glancing one last time behind her as her fear faded and was replaced with an emptiness that settled hard on her shoulders.

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