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    To Become Stronger


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    To Become Stronger Empty To Become Stronger

    Post by Mort on Thu Aug 06, 2020 3:53 pm

    Here he was. Long ago was the time he spent with the boulder he once considered an ally, but no longer would he be weighed down. Carrying the twin swords of legend as well as a few other tools, he'd look out and power pose to the horizon. War was coming, and he needed to improve fast.

    If he was going to get this right, he'd need to master something he hadn't been able to properly understand at the time when with Ryuko: the Shadow Clone technique. Thanks to his recent training with his clan though he'd gained better control of both his mental state and chakra control. How much he pushed himself in that fight might've also had something to do with it as well. He knew a good chunk of the basics behind the technique, how shadows required Yin energy to manipulate, and some yang to hold the chakra system in. Thankfully now that he and Id were on more amicable terms now, he could properly pull of the technique.

    Forming the tiger hand seal, he'd focus his chakra inward as he envisioned the clone technique combined with the principles of genjutsu. He'd then activate the technique and three large puffs of smoke appeared before him. The clone in the middle looked just like him, a mirror in all regards. But it was the other two that confused him. On his right was a Tenju-like woman who looked suspiciously like his Id, and on his lef-.

    Waking up he'd find the clones had dissipated and himself lying on the ground. Well, it was successful, and another activation would make three copies of himself. Maybe it was just a dream.

    With his three clones formed, they'd each move on to do their own things. Another advantage to his training was that he had gotten a better grasp of medical ninjutsu, and while that was good and all, until he got a better grasp on the techniques he couldn't complete his planned nature seal. First up was the Mystic Palm. After making the twin hand seals, he'd start concentrating chakra into his hand as if he was attempting flow, but he'd create an imbalance of yang chakra to turn a hazardous green into a healing green. It was a start, but until he had a proper test subject, perhaps himself, he wouldn't know how effective it'd be.

    Instead, he'd move on to something else ryuko mentioned: Enhancing one's strength through medical techniques. It seemed absurd hearing it at first, but the more he thought about it the more it made sense. A big process of getting stronger over time was the destruction and recreation of muscle fibers, so to have the body temporarily speed up the process made sense. Combining that with the kinetic strength of concentrated chakra and it could make a dangerous combination. And that wasn't even including other skills he hadn't delved into.

    Building up chakra into his fists, also strangely like chakra flow, he'd keep the chakra internalized beneath the skin and tried to hold it in before he'd test it's power. Moving over to a tree he felt comfortable with hos he was keeping it inside, and figure he should make at least one punch. Cocking his arm back, he'd focus on the middle tree, formed a fist, and punched. The impact had two effects. As soon as the pain of punching a tree took hold, the chakra released and both he and the tree were blown back. Ryuko wasn't joking around it seemed. Getting up and wiping off the dirt, he'd give a hearty chuckle, the rush of adrenaline taking hold.

    Noticing that his practice with CES had damaged his knuckles, he figured this was a good time to test the Mystic palm. going through the same motions as before, he'd have the soothing green energy go over his hands as the body naturally repaired itself in a sped-up fashion. It was strange seeing it. The clan almost never dealt with thing of the material nature, and yet the similarities between medical and psychological were quite close. Since the healing felt good, his mind felt as if it was healed a little as well.

    Dissipating his clones for a moment, a rush of info came to him as they had been very, very busy. He had to sit down and take a few minutes to take it all in before heading home.


    Shadow Clone Technique 224/200
    Mystical Palm Technique 209/200
    Chakra Enhanced Strength 210/200

    Class B 0 WC Claim:

    ➤Cherry Blossom Impact
    ➤Soft Body Modification: Writhing Agony Fangs
    ➤Ijutsu-Reverse Chakra Palm
    ➤Ijutsu - Chakra Palm
    ➤Pressure Strike
    ➤Boomerang throw
    ➤Advanced Boomerang throw
    ➤Flash Step
    ➤Savage Strikes
    ➤Flash Dance
    ➤The Unyielding
    ➤Bulwark Shield
    ➤Bull’s Shield
    ➤Defensive Twirl
    ➤Moonlit Performance
    ➤Twin Divide
    ➤Ken Hamano
    ➤Hasami Ken
    ➤Hiyaku Ken
    ➤Dissection Blade
    ➤Dissection Blade: Extension
    ➤Dissection Blade: Focusing
    ➤Counter of the Ram
    ➤Spring Chant
    ➤Rising Side Kick
    ➤Rising Scissor Kick
    ➤Rising Defense Kick
    ➤Wind Release: Breakthrough
    ➤Wind Release: Concussion
    ➤Fūton: Zangeki no yumi [Wind Release: Slashing Blow]
    ➤Fūton: Sutorīmu [Wind Release: Stream]
    ➤Fūton: Hakike Peretto [Wind Release: Gagging Pellet]
    ➤Siphon Flow (Wind)
    ➤Surgical Siphon
    ➤Silent Beat

    The Mighty Warrior of Epicness:

    Character: Mōtimā Midori-Okō Kurama
    Total Experience: 3050
    Class: B
    Renown: 100
    Base Stats:
    Strength: D
    Constitution: C
    Stamina: C+
    Speed: C
    Coordination: C
    Intelligence: B
    Perception: C

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