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    Inotsu's Jutsu

    Inotsu Yamanaka
    Inotsu Yamanaka

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    Inotsu's Jutsu Empty Inotsu's Jutsu

    Post by Inotsu Yamanaka on Tue Aug 04, 2020 4:47 pm


    • Mind Body Switch Technique
    • Mind Body Transmission Technique
    • Sense Share Technique
    • Hive Mind Technique


    • Enclosing Technique
    • Five-Seal Barrier
    • Explosive Tag Seal


    • Genjutsu Kai
    • Focused Amplification (Non-Elemental)
    • Ninja Art: Shuriken Giant Body Technique


    • Sensing Technique
    • Chakra Suppression


    • Autumn's Sigh Style
    • Flowing Leaf
    • Fickle Gale

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