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    Wild Canyon

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    Wild Canyon Empty Wild Canyon

    Post by Rin Matoi Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:02 pm

    Masuyo wore the standard gear most Shinobi in Iwagakure wear. Her footwear consisted of standard black sandals fitted for comfort and security. With the toes and heel left exposed they provided additional balance, while the rest of the foot up to the ankle was protected by the thick material of the sandal. The soles of the sandals are reinforced with hardened material to resist heavy impacts and wear. Fishnet tights draw from her feet all the way up the entire length of her legs designed to fit snugly and providing minimal warmth while still remaining breathable in hotter conditions. A pair of tight black shorts reach down nearly five inches above her knees. White bandage wrap is wrapped around her right thigh which has a navy blue holster strapped over. Around her waist she wears the basic utility belt which carries two green holsters on her right side along with a tool pouch around her back side and a canteen to the far left. She wears a red lapel on her left side extending down to her knee not interfering with her access to her tools.

    A red top is worn with loose sleeves reaching down just a little past her elbows. This is reinforced with a brown leather flak jacket provided by Iwagakure's armory which serves as issued the issued armor. This is accompanied by an additional tool pouch which is wrapped around the abdomen facing the front instead of being on the rear. On both hands Masuyo wears a set of fingerless black gloves backed with small steel plates providing comfort and protection. Around her neck Masuyo wears her forehead protector as a collar. The black cloth is tied in a knot around the back side of her neck with the steel plate facing the front for identification. The steel plate has Iwagakure's emblem engraved on the front. Masuyo has straight black hair which extends down to her mid back. Two strands of hair drop down touching her chest which leads into her bangs which are cut shorter and swept to her right side. She stands at 5'9 weighing approximately 145 lbs. Her fair skin is complimented with her voluptuous form which is completed with a pair of hazel eyes.

    The next day after guard duty Masuyo found herself preemptively at the Stone Yard far into the construct to a secluded canyon. It was her most favored training spot due to its atmosphere. Deep within the canyon there was a shallow river which ran through and, eventually, ran through the mountain, past the Land of Fire and into the sea. A few shrubs and small trees dotted the canyon floor around the river area, though the soil was too poor to support a vast valley of vegetation. Masuyo had a handful of technique she needed to learn, a lot of which she was more than qualified to learn. "In order to represent our village I must be at the top of my condition. This includes having many options in combat when the time calls for it." Holding up the Shadow Clone seal she created a single Shadow Clone to practice on. Her first few technique were very basic. She started with Genjutsu. Performing two hand seals, the Snake and Rabbit, she bestowed the Genjutsu Hell's Viewing upon the clone. By dispersing the clone the knowledge gained from it verified her concerns.

    This was just the beginning. Summoning the clone again she performed a variety of technique on it such as Temporary Paralysis. By placing her index and middle finger against the clone's spine its body froze for a few seconds before freeing up again. Masuyo held the Ram seal and performed Body Flicker. Using wire she flowed chakra through it for Murderous Grasp and flowing Chakra through her hair she performed Needle Senbon. Using the Feigning Sleep Technique she took a short nap to recharge her body for the later technique. Waking up almost thirty minutes later she was recharged to learn more jutsu. Although these were simple to grasp she had to reflect on her training to not only memorize the technique, but utilize them in split-second decision making. This was why it is important for her to take the training serious regardless of how easy they seemed. It was one thing to perform a technique and get it successfully on the first try, but now she had to make sure it will always be successful. Masuyo expanded into her more serious Ninjutsu. Starting with Earth Release she pressed her hands again the ground. Flowing her chakra through the plentiful earth she used it to raise a 10x10 meter square several feet into the air before elevating it with the surrounding earth. It looked as if nothing happened.

    Holding the Snake hand seal again she channeled Earth chakra into herself changing her skin color to a dark brown hardening it into incredibly strength. This made the body incredibly hard to better defend against offensive attacks. Moving onto fire she performed the Rat, Dog, and Tiger hand seal to create Intelligent Hard Work on a much smaller scale. A small fireball raced against the ground before running into a tree igniting it in a blaze of fire. As the flames settled the tree crumbled into a charred pile of ash and charcoal. Next she thought about stealth. It was very important to consider that since she planned to avoid conflict when she could. Channeling chakra throughout her body she began to disappear becoming completely transparent. Lastly she wanted to learn Multiple Shuriken Shadow Clone technique. It was one that utilize the Shadow Clone Technique on a much larger scale, being able to replicate ninja tools to the thousands. This barrages the opponent with outstanding numbers of ninja tool. It gives little room for escape due to the sheer number of blades.

    The technique was simple in practice, though. It involved using the same principals of Shadow Clone except applying it to a ninja tool, then rapidly expanding upon it. Digging into her ninja holster she retrieved a singe Shuriken before throwing it and quick performing the hand seals for the technique. The shuriken began to multiply from one as more and more began to materialize as they flew towards the horizon. In just a few seconds there were hundreds of shuriken reaching into the thousands as they all eventually lost steam and fell towards the ground. Masuyo felt it was a successful day of training. All of the hard work made her quite exhausted despite her midday nap. Perhaps it was time to focus on improving herself physically. Having the knowledge was important, but staying in the fight was just as.

    [Jutsu Learned:
    Demonic Illusion: Hell's Viewing | D-rank
    Temporary Paralysis Technique | D-rank
    Body Flicker Technique | D-rank
    Feigning Sleep Technique | D-rank
    Murderous Grasp | C-rank
    Hair Needle Senbon | C-rank
    Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique | C-rank
    Earth Release: Moving Earth Core | B-rank
    Earth Release: Earth Spear | B-rank
    Fire Release: Intelligent Hard Work | B-rank
    Transparent Escape Technique | B-rank
    Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique | A-rank]


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