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    Assisting the people.


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    Assisting the people. Empty Assisting the people.

    Post by Diana Sat Jul 25, 2020 8:26 am

    Mission Name: Put up a Fence
    Mission Type: Chore
    Mission Rank: D
    Mission Goal: Build a Fence
    Description: A Civilian would like a Fence around his property, build it for him to his specifications.
    Payment: 10k
    Requirements: -

    Diana left the Korikane clan district with a proper backpack this time. It was still grey color in the same way her clay was, but it wasn't chafing her shoulders, so she didn't mind. Today was her first mission as one of the honored guests of the village. While it was a simple Genin mission, she knew that even small, seemingly insignificant parts made the whole societal machine run smoothly. There was also the fact that with everything going on outside the walls a good chunk of the missions that would normally be taken care of in day to day life were being neglected, so she figured that if she was going to stay she might as well help out.

    Wearing her more athletic wear, she'd make her way to the one who sent in the request and knocked on the door. an old man about in his 50s would open up. "Hello there sir. My name is Diana Moneta, and I was told that you needed a fence put up? I will be the one helping you today." She'd give a small curtsy with her jacket tied up around her waist.

    The man would give a small nod. "That's correct. The wood and tools are in the shed." He'd guider her over to where the shed was, and after pulling out a key he'd unlock the door. They'd walk inside and began going through the tools. After a few moments, the tools were decided upon and Diana got to work while the man went back inside to get some drinks.

    When the man came back after some time with two glasses of water with lemon slices in them, he'd made a quick comment. "I had assumed that I would've had children come to help with the fence, but I didn't expect a more experienced women like yourself to come and help." He'd hand her her glass.

    Diana would give a small chuckle, trying to play along with the old man as she took the glass. "Heh. Careful there sir. Just because I am more mature does not mean it is not risky to reference a woman's age, though you are not wrong about experience. As for me being here I am just doing my part to pay back the Tsuchikage's hospitality."

    They'd make some more small talk here and there, some about her skin, some about their lives as she slowly hammered in the pieces of the fence. thankfully someone else had dug out some idents to make her work easier, but it still took a few hours. But things had to come to an end eventually as she hammered in the last piece of the fence into the ground. "There you go sir. One fence put up by one Diana Moneta. I hope to see you around again sir." She'd give another curtsy before heading back to drop off the completed mission.


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