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    Something this way comes


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    Post by Sayuri Sat Aug 08, 2020 6:08 pm

    He didn’t pull away from her this time, just impassively observed her hand on his arm. Progress perhaps. She wanted to reassure him, to befriend him. There was a hurt in him that she wanted to understand, she couldn’t see it in his eyes, but it was there in his words. He had spoken of his father being violent, of not even considering himself human. Of being told he was an abomination. She didn’t see any of that in him. She saw a strong and brave man, even kind. Not kindness in the typical storybook interpretation of the word, but he consistently had shown consideration for her well being, even protecting her. If that wasn’t kindness, then what? She wanted to stay and help him with the fire, as much as a Yuki was capable of dealing with fire, but she knew she couldn’t for now. So reluctantly she would pull her hand back and giggle at his statement.

    “I will get clothes.” What a sight they both were, covered in blood and water, and who knows what else. She hoped that she’d be able to pass through the village without anyone stopping to question her disheveled appearance. If she was fast she might even make it back before dark. Hopefully she would, the woods were scary enough during the day. With a final look around the cave and a smile at Sero she would begin her trek back to the village, singing quietly to herself as she moved to help keep the fear at bay.  

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