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    Hagane's Herbal Medicines


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    Hagane's Herbal Medicines Empty Hagane's Herbal Medicines

    Post by Hagane on Thu Jul 16, 2020 1:13 am

    Name: OG Mountain Watcher
    Rank: A
    Price: 100,000 (150,000 for Hagane.)
    Application: Smoking
    Effects: By smoking this marijuana, it will activate cells within the eye socket to either repair or even regrow a damaged or missing eye. This will return the sight of one eye 2 rounds after smoking the blunt of OG Mountain Watcher, named as such as it was originally made for an old, blind, mountain hermit called 'The Watcher of the Mountain'. It has a very enticing smell.
    Duration: 2 Posts
    Cooldown: 15 Days
    Yields 3 dosages/6 With Chemistry Table


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