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    A wild Alkaid (None cannon)


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    A wild Alkaid (None cannon) Empty A wild Alkaid (None cannon)

    Post by Alkaid on Fri Jun 19, 2020 12:33 am

    “Hey I heard you guys were looking to bring someone back from the dead! Can anybody get in on that action?” came a voice as somebody new slipped into the conference room and taking a seat at the side of the long table so that she was between Nyguyen  and Arisu.  Her posture was neutral and relaxed as if she  believed she actually belonged there despite the fact she was butting in.

    Between the simple flower hair pins and homely style outfit she looked to all the world like she was just your average everyday civilian, an image that was reinforced by the fact she wasn’t carrying a single weapon on her person.    She had a kind look in her eyes and a warm smile that was very disarming and yet despite all that the fact was she might have been the single most dangerous person in the room by far.

    As far as she was aware she was currently the only person in the world to ever successfully kill one of the great kages.  Well technically Akihiro had downed one as well but as far she was concerned  removing that fleabag didn’t really count.    The fact that Konoha had allowed a Cat of all things to become the Hokage after Satomi had passed had to be some kind of grand joke. It was a disservice to a man as great as him that one of his successors would be so weak.

    She’d heard one of his other family members was Hokage now and couldn’t help thinking what things would have been like in another life where she had actually gone though with marrying Rin.    
    In a strange way everyone here was family,  distantly related. Her first loyalty ran to her own direct clan of course but if possible she wanted to do well by the rest of her extended family tree which is ultimately why she’d come here today and invited herself to this conference after hearing rumors about what was going on though the information network provided to her as a member of Undercurrent.

    The woman before them was Alkaid Kaguya, not that anyone would be able to tell after she’d dyed her hair blond and applied some light makeup.  She was a spy after all and was extremely good at disguising herself without resorting to using the transformation technique and chakra.   It would take someone who knew her really well such as Tsubaki or Calin to see through her clever disguise.

    She had her reasons for keeping her true identity secret. Chiefly among them the fact she had killed the very person they were seeking to bring back.   There were mitigating circumstances involved like the fact she’d done it under duress but knowing how vengeance driven the Uchiha where she felt there was little chance they would stop long enough to hear her end of the story if they knew the full truth about who she was.

    “As it so happens I’ve been spending the last few years researching how to pierce the veil of death and return someone from the other side.  Specifically so that I can resurrect Satomi-san. If you don’t believe me you can ask your twitter friends about my efforts.”  Alkaid said, giving Nyguyen a sly grin as she made a passing reference to her rival spy organization Mockingbird.   They both knew his fellow clan member was one of them.  Alkaid had even gone so far as to send them a letter as part of her preparations for this exact moment.

    “I’ve looked into several possibilities but as one might expect when dealing with Necromancy I found a lot of dead ends.  If anyone can bring him back for sure it’s her. ” said Alkaid making as definitive a statement as she could manage and then tilting her chin towards Arisu.     She’d been thinking of heading back to Kiri to speak specifically to this woman about that very topic.  That they had run into each other here had to be fate in the making.

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