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    Gladius Time-Skip & Site Wide Changes

    Chen Kimyōnakama
    Chen Kimyōnakama

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    Gladius Time-Skip & Site Wide Changes Empty Gladius Time-Skip & Site Wide Changes

    Post by Chen Kimyōnakama Sun Jun 07, 2020 9:58 am

    Hello Members,

    Gladius is officially returning to our original home! We have implemented a few changes to enhance gameplay and ease the transition.  

    Timeskip & Storyline

    Gladius will experience a three year time skip. During this three year timeskip, the shinobi nations have not been idle. Mere months after the Chuunin Exams, a series of conflicts broke out amongst the Minor Nations of the world. The destruction of the Blood Prison, the incessant campaign of conquest conducted by Major Nations, extra-terrestrial interference in Earthly affairs, and the machinations of third party organizations had led to the outbreak of a continent spanning war. Never before in shinobi history had battles become so prolonged, intense, and far-reaching.

    The conflicts between Minor Nations eventually embroiled the Major Nations. The complex web of alliances and vassalage forcing them to come into direct confrontation with one another. These clashes reached their climax with the resurgence of the Society. Its founder was revealed to be Hizashi of the Water Country, one of the Sage's original Disciples. Hizashi would go on to resurrect his Brother Disciples before rallying the Minor Nations his cause. Facing destruction, the Major Nations had no choice but to temporarily band together to defeat Hizashi and his cohorts. After a bloody and hard fought war, Hizashi, his brethren, Menza, and several other high value targets were killed.

    Historians refer to this three year period of intense conflict as The First Shinobi World War.

    It is in the aftermath of this historic conflict, where we begin anew....

    Site Changes

    As part of the timeskip we are implementing the following changes:

    1. Civilians as a class have been liquidated. All currently existing Civilians will be converted into shinobi and will automatically be granted access to the Investing Skill and Master-Craftsmanship Skill which are each separate Restricteds. Master-Crafting will be considered an Enhanced State and Investing will be considered an Entity Restricted. Normally, these Restricteds have three slots each, however existing civilians may take them without needing to occupy a slot.

    2. The Politician Skill has been removed.

    3. The Experience Progression system has undergone a few changes:

    - Multiplayer topics are now given a flat 20 Experience per post regardless of whether its a mission, social, or training.

    - For every additional person beyond the first two people in the thread, +5 experience will be granted. So with two its the standard 25 and then for each person beyond them the posts become +5 more until it reaches 45 exp per post maximum

    - The Sensei bonus remains but it now goes both ways. It is granted to both the sensei and student.

    - Solo Posting now grants 10 Experience per post.

    4. Crafting items no longer requires the crafter to wait. Instead, crafting items will require the payment of experience. This experience can be halved via workbenches, UAs, etc as was under the old system. The costs are as follows:

    E: None
    D: 50 Experience
    C: 200 Experience
    B: 300 Experience
    A: 500 Experience
    S: 700 Experience

    As part of these rules, items will no longer grant experience when being crafted. However, if you still have items made under the old system where you did not claim experience. You may still claim for those items.

    5. Limit Break Points have been abolished.

    6. Konoha, Kumo, and Kiri are the only villages open for registration as of right now.

    7. In addition to the 3 RT threads that everyone has, you will all be granted 2 Specialty Flashback threads that gain regular experience. These Specialty Flashback threads are for topics that take place during the Time-Skip so that those of you who wish to finish and continue your Pre-Time-Skip stories may do so without penalty. Note that this means you can have two Specialty Flashback threads, finish them, and then make another two. It is not 2 Specialty Flashback Threads period, its 2 Specialty Flashback threads at one time.


    Given these major changes, we are offering the following gifts in recognition of any hardships imposed:

    1. Every character will receive 500 Experience (counting for spendable and total).

    2. Every village will receive +2 Million to their present Treasury. While normally this value would be much higher, given the instability and war that occurred over the past three years, the world economy has suffered greatly.

    3. Every character will be given the option of either receiving 200,000 Ryo or increasing their craftsmanship level by 1 rank (only 1 Skill).


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