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    Blessed by the Scorpion [Solo]


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    Blessed by the Scorpion [Solo] Empty Blessed by the Scorpion [Solo]

    Post by InarieKaguya Sat Mar 21, 2020 1:45 am

    The excitement of the chunin exams can be felt all around Kirigakure. The selection of this tournament, the last part of this exam, put Inarie at the second round. Where she would face either the partner she succeeded to get here with, or whoever this Andariel was. Both were interesting people to fight against, but really there could only be one winner. So Inarie would be fighting against either one, but really Inarie was looking forward to fighting against Chigetsu. Sure they were partners in the survival round, and Chigetsu was relatively shy at first. However, Inarie wants to see what Chigetsu can really do.

    For this reason is why Inarie finds herself out in the training grounds of Kirigakure. For it is a secluded area from the public eye of the citizens. Not too many people are fond of seeing a Kaguya performing any of their Shikotsumyaku arts. Besides, what Inarie is trying to perform is similar to the Dance of the Clematis. Where Kaguya, as some put it, pulls out their spine to form a whip. Because of Inarie’s hybrid, she cannot do what ordinary Kaguya do, and not so much as normal Yoru can do. Dragons supposedly have tails, and even most lizards have some kind of a tail. Inarie thought about growing herself a tail, but she doesn’t want some kind of meaningless tail flopping around. It’s just impractical, and she can picture how dragons would sweep their tails to defend their blind sides even as they turn.

    As Inarie pondered on how to implement this idea into reality, she was creating mini versions of this tail through use of her Shikotsumyaku. Inarie has progressed exponentially in not just combining her bloodlines. But also acquiring enough experience in the bones that Inarie no long needs to physically pull it out of her body. Just shift the use of calcium and other complicated processes to produce whatever constructs she wants. So long as they’re not too big of course, and currently she’s making small models of what she wants. As a way of experimenting as she sets each creation on the ground. A click of her tongue as Inarie sighs with frustration.

    ”No matter how I shape the tail, it always feels like I am missing something. What else could I make the tail be?” It was then, strangely enough, that a magnificent emperor scorpion with massive claws crawl of the sand nearby. Inarie noticed it from her peripherals as it was the only sign of movement to her. This scorpion’s exoskeleton is black in coloration, but what Inarie was fascinated with is the tail. How it is curled with a stinger-equipped tail. Inarie looked like a little kid honestly as she lays down on the grass as she picks up each model of tails that she’s made thus far. Comparing it to the scorpion’s tail as it were. Some tails were just too thin to be of any use, and some tails were just too bulky. After watching this scorpion attack a roaming cricket, Inarie was given inspiration.

    So Inarie stands up to her feet as she does the next step. To create a sequence of handseals for this technique. As she didn’t want too many handseals to be in place, so an easy set of handseals for use would be fine. So Inarie gets to work on forming a variety of handseals together. Starting with six handseals, but then felt like it takes too much time for her. So she cuts down the number of handseals by one, to a total of five. Eventually, Inarie cuts another down to four which seems to be the best one. Forming the Dragon, Boar, Tiger, and Dragon. Inarie molds the raiton chakra swelling within her core as she seeks to combine the process of manipulating her bones to the lower back. At the same time, she’s pouring her own blood of the dragon to mix with the bones which only seems to magnify the raiton chakra.

    Inarie groans as ripping through her shirt off her lower back, she creates a vine-like tail of bone coated in raiton. Only giving a shadow indication of some kind of tail to be present. The execution was surprisingly not painful this time, and perhaps this was because of her training. Whatever the case, this tail feels like it is part of her, but at the same time it felt odd. Inarie stretches the tail to the full extent. She wanted to see how far she can make it go, and it seems like 10 meters is the maximum distance from herself. However, Inarie coils the tail back to her before causing it to thrust forward. To make it travel as fast as she can will it to go, and frankly the tail can make the distance in like two third of a second. It was a pleasant feeling to achieve something like this, as Inarie doesn’t recall if Kaguya can even form a tail. Then again even Inarie can rip her spine out to form that whip, but that was a task for another day. Inarie will get there after the chunin exams.

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