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    From Rei to Zeke


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    From Rei to Zeke Empty From Rei to Zeke

    Post by Bones! Thu Mar 12, 2020 11:38 pm

    Akeruseirei Hozuki
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    A sword planted in the center of the field, a woman leaned against it. The sleeves of a blue dress shirt rolled up past her elbows. A white shirt under. Black slacks covered her legs, but still, her feet remained bare, her toes against the grass and dirt. Her hands covered in wrapped bandages, as were her feet. Her hair tied back in a loose and messy bun.

    Today was the day to do her best, to teach a student all she could. For him to succeed, was for her to succeed. The stronger he became, the more she would measure. It wasn't about protecting Chigetsu. It was about making a world worth living in.

    She rubbed her arms, only to rest her back against the blade. She took a lighter in her pocket to light the cigar that lay in her lips unlit. A small flame catching the tobacco as she waited.

    Today, was the day.
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