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    Stocking up. Quantity over Quality!


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    Stocking up. Quantity over Quality! Empty Stocking up. Quantity over Quality!

    Post by Eevee Mon Oct 02, 2017 5:28 pm

    The kunoichi of Iwagakure walked forward through Hòu Zhuān Square, the well known shopping district of Iwagakure, it wasn't as fancy as Konohagakure, or as well rounded as Kumogakures, but it had such an atmosphere that you just had to come visit, those native the the land of stone knew that every now and again, someone was always itching for a fight and it was here in Hòu Zhuān Square that they gathered, easy access to supplies from food pills to ninja weapons, as well as an array of medical salves and bandages allowed them to fight and quickly pay for first aid and weapons if need be. Though it seemed today, today there where no fights, the street lay somewhat deserted minus the shop workers themselves and a few civilians floating about. The chuunin Eevee Kamizuru of the Kamizuru clan would make her way into the ninja tool shop with her earnings, the bee styled purse a symbol of her clan, fat with the amount of money located within it. "LIKE OH MY GOSH, ITS BEEN SOOOO LONG SINCE I CAN BY SOME NEW WEAPONS" she exclaimed excitedly as she poured her money on the counter. "So, like, i totally want one of em exploding kunai balls, a new hip pouch and like holster, matching please, can't ruin this aesthetic girl" she said using her one and only hand to push the hair dramatically from her face. "Gimme like, six exploding tags and like six light bombs, maybe, ya, gimme ten shuriken and like ten kunai....that should TOTALLY do it" she said as she pushed money forth after explaining her order. As she waited her eyes drifted over the wares and settled upon a singule Fuuma shuriken. "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, I WANT ONE OF THEM TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" she exclaimed pointing with her singular hand jumping up and down in a single spot before counting out the additional money needed for the fuma shuriken.

    When all was said and done, the girl excited by her purchases left, excited to try them out.


    Exploding Sphere [10,000 Ryo]
    Hip Pouch 50
    Holster 25
    Explosive Tag X 6 = 9,000
    Flash Bomb X 6 = 9,000
    Shuriken X 10 = 1,000
    Kunai X 10 = 1,000
    Fuuma Shuriken = 3,000

    50,000 - 33,075 = 16,925 Ryo Remaining


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