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    Renown Info

    King of Games
    King of Games

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    Renown Info Empty Renown Info

    Post by King of Games Wed Feb 26, 2020 6:21 pm

    King of Games
    King of Games

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    Renown Info Empty Re: Renown Info

    Post by King of Games Wed Feb 26, 2020 6:21 pm

    Renown Info 7IdtEVH
    Renown determines how well your character is known throughout the shinobi world. Some characters will be fairly unheard of, unrecognizable by most, while others will be known by sight alone or through their titles or even just through their fighting methods. With Renown, you are able to determine how your character is known, by whom, and for what. Below you will find the various thresholds of Renown and what they grant:

    0 Renown: Recognizable by X-Tier Intelligence
    250 Renown: Genin Equivalent
    500 Renown: Recognizable by S-Tier Intelligence; (Gain First Title )
    750 Renown: Chuunin Equivalent; (Gain 50,000 Ryo)
    1000 Renown: Recognizable by A-Tier Intelligence; (Gain 1 Free A-Rank Item)
    1500 Renown: Special Jounin Equivalent; (Gain Second Title)
    2000 Renown:  Recognizable by B-Tier Intelligence; (Gain 1 Free C-Rank Unique NPC)
    3000 Renown:  Recognizable by C-Tier Intelligence; Jounin Equivalent (Gain Third Title)
    5000 Renown:  Anbu Equivalent (Gain 1 Free B-Rank Unique NPC)
    7000 Renown:  Recognizable by D-Tier Intelligence; Kage Equivalent
    7500 Renown: Gain 1 Additional Restricted Technique Slot
    10000 Renown: Recognizable by E-Tier Intelligence; Celebrity Equivalent (500K Ryo)
    12500 Renown: (Free A-Rank weapon)
    15000 Renown: (Unique A-Rank NPC)
    17500 Renown: (1 Million Ryo)
    20000 Renown:  Legend Equivalent (Pick a Restricted Tech - Must have slot open)

    As your Renown increases more people become aware of your deeds, accomplishments, and even your abilities. If renown is obtained through a guise or concealed appearance, you may track separate "pools" of renown for each separate life you lead, so to speak. For instance, your character may be an ordinary Chuunin with 1,000 renown. However, when putting on your Akatsuki robe and swirly one-eyed mask, you become Tobi of the Akatsuki and strike fear into your foe. In that guise you have a renown equal to 15,000 renown. These two separate pools, however, are treated as one in terms of claiming renown rewards and together would add up to 16,000 total renown. It should go without saying that if your alias is compromised, both renown pools are connected and you no longer benefit from leading two (or more) separate lives.

    Being unable to recognize somebody with Renown means your character has no knowledge of the person whatsoever.

    While it is not required that you track your renown, refusing to track it for the purposes of abusing the systems in place (hunting etc.) will be reviewed by staff and may result in discipline if it is assessed to be intentionally circumventing the rules.

    • A person with the Intelligence level matching your Renown will be familiar with your titles or nicknames, or your actual name if preferred. The person will simply know the character's actions which led them to be known.

    • With Intelligence one tier higher than your Renown they will know more personal information, such as Bloodline or clan capabilities if any, elements, any signature items they use, as well as their appearance.  

    • Intelligence two tiers higher than your Renown will be familiar with the skills and any restricted ability they have access to.

    Titles are what your character is called by the various people who have heard of you, and can denote a specific trait of your character or perhaps a way that you fight. Titles can include such things as "-of the Sharingan" or "The Yellow Flash" or "-of the Body Flicker" or "Kumo's Grim Reaper", anything that you would like your character to be called. You can list the Titles you wish to use when you register your character, or you can wait until later and make an Update when you reach the required Renown Threshold. But be careful when selecting your Title, because it cannot be changed.

    When you hit a level of Renown that you are considered equivalent to a certain rank, that means your character is considered to be that rank by those that know of you. If you are part of a Village, then once you reach the Renown to be considered of that rank, you may request to be promoted to that rank and in all likelihood your request will be granted based on your deeds. The only exception to this is with 7000 Renown, when your character is regarded as Kage level, but because there is only one position for that per Village, your character will be unable to gain it. However, once a Kage position opens up for your village, your character will be among the top candidates to receive it. When skipping ranks, you can only claim the highest renown value. So when going from Genin to Kage, you may only claim the Kage renown and not the Chuunin, Jounin, or any other rank in between. The rewards may still be claimed however.

    Gaining Renown is done by accomplishing certain actions that add points to your overall total. This can range from accomplishing heroic deeds and saving dozens of lives to causing mass destruction and chaos. Whatever might spread your name through the land, whether good or bad, improves your recognition. Below is a list of the various ways one might accumulate Renown, but if you think you've done something worthy of gaining Renown that isn't listed here, include it in your Update and it may just get added to this list.
    King of Games
    King of Games

    Posts : 213
    Join date : 2017-01-04

    Character File
    Skills & Elements: None
    Class: E
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    Renown Info Empty Re: Renown Info

    Post by King of Games Wed Feb 26, 2020 6:22 pm

    Village/Clan Promotion
    Become a Chuunin - 500
    Become a Tokubetsu Jounin - 750
    Become a Jounin - 1,000
    Become an ANBU - 1,000
    Become the Leader of a clan - 1,000
    Become an ANBU Captain - 1,500
    Become a Jounin Commander/Second-in-Command - 2,000
    Become Kage of a village - 3,000

    Assaulting Genin - 50
    Assaulting Chuunin - 250
    Assaulting Tokubetsu Jounin - 500
    Assaulting Jounin - 750
    Assaulting ANBU - 1,000
    Assaulting ANBU Captain - 1,250
    Assaulting Jounin Commander - 1,500
    Assaulting Kage - 2,000

    Killing Genin  - 150
    Killing Chuunin - 500
    Killing Tokubetsu Jounin - 750
    Killing Jounin - 1,000
    Killing Jinchuuriki - 1,000
    Killing ANBU - 1,250
    Killing ANBU Captain - 1,500
    Killing Jounin Commander - 2,000
    Killing Kage - 2,500

    Capture Genin - 500
    Capture Chuunin - 1,000
    Capture Tokubetsu Jounin - 1,500
    Capture Jounin - 2,000
    Capture Jinchuuriki - 2,000
    Capture ANBU - 2,500
    Capture ANBU Captain - 3,000
    Capture Jounin Commander - 4,000
    Capture Kage - 5,000

    Major/Fierce Battle - 250
    Participating in Chuunin Exams - 100
    Chuunin Exams Finals - 300
    Chuunin Exams Champion - 600
    Destruction of a Resource Site - 250
    Abandoning your Village - 500
    Partial Destruction of a Major Village or equivalent - 1,000
    Complete Destruction of a Major Village or equivalent - 3,000

    Unique NPC
    Defeating a C Rank Unique NPC - 250
    Defeating a B Rank Unique NPC - 750
    Defeating a A Rank Unique NPC - 1,000
    Defeating a S Rank Unique NPC - 2,000

    Obtaining Hiden Clan Technique without Permission - 200 per Technique
    Bloodline Stealing - 500
    Robbing an Organization's Vault - 750
    Robbing a Major Village or equivalent's Vault - 1,500
    Obtaining Exclusives without Permission - 400 per Exclusive
    Obtaining Restricted Technique without Permission - 1,000

    Mission Renown
    Completing C-rank PC Mission - 100
    Completing B-rank PC Mission - 200
    Completing A-rank PC Mission - 300
    Completing S-rank PC Mission - 500

    Acquiring Knowledge/Abilities
    Acquire Village Exclusive with Permission - 250 per Exclusive
    Obtaining a Restricted Technique - 500
    Obtaining an Enhanced State - 1,000
    Obtaining an Entity - 1,500

    Political Renown
    Securing an Alliance - 500
    Finding a Hidden Village - 500
    Starting an Organization - 750
    Starting a Village - 2,000

    Crafting/Medical Breakthroughs
    Reaching A-grade Crafting - 250
    Reaching S-grade Crafting - 500
    Crafting an X-rank Item - 2,000
    Constructing a C-rank Building - 50
    Constructing a B-rank Building - 100
    Constructing an A-rank Building - 200
    Constructing an S-rank Building - 400
    Successful Implant Surgery (+56) - 500

    -Killing rewards 50% of the Player Character’s Renown. A significant mortal wound (the player would have died without timely medical intervention) may count as a "kill" for the purpose of renown, though this is always decided by a Moderator.

    -Craftsman get 25% of the targets Renown when you kill someone with their creation. The Item must be an S-Rank item. Additionally, if someone does something epic or noteworthy while wielding an S-Rank item, the craftsman may apply for renown but this is decided on a case by case basis.

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