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    Philyra Pnévma, The Wight


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    Philyra Pnévma, The Wight Empty Philyra Pnévma, The Wight

    Post by Ecila on Sun Feb 16, 2020 1:23 am

    Philyra Pnévma, The Wight Tumblr_nhnkxzf3Dy1sdij1yo2_500
    Name: Philyra Pnévma
    Age: 22
    Gender: She all women
    Village: Wanderer (from Takigaure)
    Rank: B rank
    Title: The Wight, Philyra of the Paper Bomb

    Clan: Pnévma
    Bloodline: Paper crane, Original Patent, Natural Spy
    Element(s):  suiton
    Skill(s): Ninjutsu, Fuinjutsu, Sensory, Genjutsu


    • Strength: E
    • Constitution: E
    • Stamina: E
    • Speed: E
    • Coordination: E
    • Intelligence: E+
    • Perception: E+

    (My total exp would be:
    1650 Starting EXP
    2000 B class EXP
    1800 UA EXP)
    Unique Abilities:
    One-handed Seals: Philyra may weave hand seals with only one hand. This results in a one tier loss of Coordination for that hand regarding hand seals.

    Experience Advantage: Having traveled much of the ninja world at a young age, Philyra is a heavily experience ninja having a larger amount of starting exp by 1800. However, Phyilra now possesses a fixed mindset because of her travels and does not believe she has much growth left to do, blocking her from truly moving forward. Until she pays off a deficit of 1800 exp, she can no longer gain any more, and 100 % of exp earned goes into that deficit.

    Heiress: Philyra has inherited 500,000 ryo from her clan but is also now responsible for the clan's debts. This debt amount to 750,000 ryo and Philyra must set aside 50% of her earnings to help pay it off.

    Seal Tag Transmission: Due to her unnaturally high intellect and talent with fuinjutsu, Philyra is able to use her clan affinity for paper to transmit seals onto targets via paper. Example: By placing the 5 element seal on a piece of paper, Philyra would be able to place that seal onto a person/target who makes contact with that paper (obviously paying costs for everything). Unfortunately, due to her focus on her mind and fuinjutsu, this process costs 5 more chakra than regular seal.

    Chakra Drain: Philyra is one of the precious few people who can drain chakra from people. She can app techniques that can drain chakra. Without using techniques, she can choose to drain 5 chakra from someone by making physical contact with them, although she has to consciously do so. This is able to be used through gloves and clothes, but does not extend to other tools or weapons. Every time she makes contact, she can draw out chakra from a person (capped at 15 per person per post) or 15 chakra per person if she sustains contact the entire post. However, doing so opens her up to increased damage (+1 rank of damage) from tangible chakra techniques for the rest of the post round. This is all elemental jutsu, and all attacks with tangible chakra, such as Chakra Flow and other such techniques. The amount that this UA allows for non technique absorption in a thread is capped at half of her base stamina cap, even if taken from multiple different people. This can not set him over her maximum chakra pool.

    Bathed in White: Philyra is master of yang release and the manipulation of physical energy. All predominantly yang based techniques gain +1 in power. However, this means it takes far more energy for her to manipulate the spiritual energy requires for predominantly yin based techniques such as genjutsu, causing them to cost double the costs to use.

    I choose flight: Philyra can exchange -1 tier in strength for a +1 tier in Coordination or speed at a cost of 5 cp (must choose one at start of topic and limited to only boosting that one for the remainder of that topic)
    Philyra stands at 5'11 in height and weighs approximately 160 pounds, though she tells people she only weighs no more than 110, she has a relatively normal slightly athletic body frame for her age with nothing to small or too large. She has a very fit body for someone her age, having been trained by her clan rigorously since the age of six, and traveling around the ninja world. She is by no means a muscle woman or a hulk in anyway, having slender arms with slightly thicker legs. Her hips and breasts are slightly wider than the rest of her mid-section giving her that hourglass figure people always talk about except slightly slenderer. This body frame is suitable for her in battle as it allows her to not drag herself down with too much muscle, but still keep up with everyone and defend others in a fight with her above average reflexes.

    Philyra has an incredibly pale skin tone and complexion, almost porcelain in appearance, that is clear of almost all blemishes. She dislikes her skin tone because it highlights the dark brand mark on her back of the Liden Tree. Though Philyra wishes to be tan, she does not tan well and is prone to getting sunburns even if only in the contact of the sun for a brief amount of time. The only blemish on her body is her branded mark. The mark is placed on her back and is an ugly black soot color, the skin around the mark is still slightly blistered and red and it is unknown if it will ever truly heal.

    Philyra has black hair, that has been described as the color of a starless night. Philyra's hair is incredibly long, reaching all the way down to just above her butt, and is considered one of her most alluring features. Her hair is cut in many layers having front bangs up to her eyebrows, then another layer, reaching up to her jaw, and a layer at her hips and a final one at her butt. She can style her hair in any number of ways depending on the occasion, but typically prefers to keep it down and natural. Her dark hair gives her a somewhat ominous appearance as it is deep contrast to her incredibly pale skin tone, making her seem mysterious and foreboding. Philyra will style her hair in any number of neat yet creative fashions and will always decorate her hair with some sort of accessory such as colored pins or chopsticks. She is rarely seen with the same hair style twice, besides that of just letting her hair down and loose. On some occasions, the length of her hair looks shorter than it actually is.

    Speaking of eyes, Philyra's eyes are one of her most striking features. Her eyes are incredibly striking, smoldering amber. Her eyes are so striking that people often can become paralyzed by them as they seem to look into your soul, giving Philyra a more fighting demeanor. Her eyes are highlighted even more by her jet-black hair and very thin dark eyebrows. Her eyes are by far one of her most striking features with her porcelain pale skin tone also accentuating them and she often uses them effectively when facing adversaries both on the battlefield and in the boardroom.

    Philyra loves shopping and outfits and can often be found in any number of fabulous fashion statements. Her preferred outfit is usually a light-weight kimono in various colors, patterns, and designs (though she would prefer to wear a more revealing outfit when she goes out in public). When wearing a kimono, she usually has accessories to accompany it. For example, if her kimono has a rose pattern with lace, she will wear a rose in her hair and a lace choker and bracelet. Whether in a kimono or other outfit, Philyra usually wears heeled ninja sandals and has no problem moving about in them whatsoever. Philyra's fashion can be classified as eccentric yet stylish with her fashion sense usually influenced by real world east Asian culture, taking heavy influences from traditional Chinese and Japanese styles.

    Traveling, always traveling, that is how Philyra remembers the first years of her life. Her mother was leader of the Pnévma and a direct descendant from the clans' most famous leader. Her mother was an immensely powerful shinobi, having previously served as an anbu member in Kirigakure before leaving the village to take over her clan. Her mother was famed for her espionage abilities and had garnered quite a name for herself through out the ninja world, collecting a great deal of information for Kirigakure and often infiltrating other villages on missions that lasted years. It was on one of these particular missions in the land of fire that she would become pregnant with Philyra.

    It could be said that Philyra was the reason her mother left the village hidden in the mist to returned to the clan and take over from the previous leader as she would not be suited for espionage while pregnant and the Pnévma would have a strong interest in raising the next descendant from the great family line. Philyra never really knew if her mother had wanted to give up her life as a village ninja and suspected that on some level her mother resented her for forcing her to give it up.

    Philyra was technically born in the land of water and her mother fell into labor as the clan was leaving to head to meet with villages within the land of fire. The clan had created paper boats for sailing across the land of water when they were attacked by a band of rogue ninja seeking to take their secret techniques and paper bomb inventions. During the battle her mother fought a ninja who used a strange type of bubble jutsu that would wash away the strength of whatever the bubbles touched. Her mother was out matched against the man as she was physically impaired by her pregnancy and was experiencing painful contractions. Luckily fate smiled on her mother that day. The crew of the ship had been so engrossed in battle that they never noticed the whirlpool that had suddenly began to appear in front of them. Given the clan's abilities, most members were able to easily fly away using their paper techniques and bring Philyra's mother with them. While the enemy crew with trying to save their ship from a whirlpool, her mother ordered the clan to open fire on the ship. As the enemy ship began to go up in huge flames and the enemy crew let out screams of pure agony, Philyra was born.

    Under her mother's leadership, the clan enjoyed a prosperous period and became more known in the ninja world though Philyra was only 8 at the time, and thought nothing of it. She would stay well guarded by the clan elders and hidden from outsiders, as her mother did not want her daughter to be seen by possible enemies that could attempt to target her to gain leverage. The elders would teach her about how to the basics of a ninja as well as the basics of being a Pnévma, subjects like trade negotiations, espionage, and information gather were all common among the normal ninja teachings It was if she had her own group of mentors. Phyilra was taught how to fight in combat with paper to defend herself and began learning the depth of yang release. Her mother taught her the ways of sensory at a very young age, so she could better hide herself. Philyra showed talent with long range combat and an unnatural talent in chakra sensory. She often sparred with her mother or village members for practice. She always thought of the entire clan as one family, they played games with her, taught her, and cared for her. She never realized how dangerous the ninja world could really be or how dangerous her mother was as she was prone to fits of extreme paranoia while leading the clan, usually ending with her torturing the members she deemed had betrayed her.

    Her mother would force her to watch usually, telling her just how to inflict mass pain on the victim of torture, as well as a plethora of different techniques. Her mother not only did this to teach Phyilra, but to show her that betrayal and mistakes always ended in punishment. Philyra went through many baby sitters in her time with her mother, each one only usually lasting a month or two before being tortured for some reason. Once or twice she would tell her mother that her sitter beat her or something in order to get rid of them if she didn't like the person. The sitters that beat her usually received a much harsher punishment, such as crucifixion, or disembowelment. Philyra did not do this for pleasure, or sadistic reasons, it was simply how she was raised.

    Philyra was not immune to her mother's strange quirks, very often being hit or or cut for her own mistakes such as; not doing chores she had not been assigned, or making up a lie that was true. She would often cry when punished at first, though by age thirteen she would become numb to the beatings. At age thirteen, she became the outlet for one of her mother's extremely rage induced panic moments, leading to her mother tying her down and branding her with an iron hot piece of metal which bore the mark of the Pnévma, the Linden tree, on it. This was to show Philyra that she was property to her mother and her clan forever. The branding was the worse punishment she had ever received, but she did not cry, she did not feel pain this time, there was something else there and it excited her. It made her feel alive. She realized that she was enjoying the branding, it made her feel good for some reason. Her mother told her she punished her because she loved her, and now she realized it to be true, punishment was love, pain was love, and her mother loved her very much.

    Things changed for the clan by the time Philyra was 15. While they had enjoyed great success under her mother's leadership, renegotiation paper deals with villages and massively growing their spy network, Linden, this success was a double edged sword as it made the traveling clan that much bigger of target. One day, while the clan was traveling from the land of earth to the land of fire through the mountains, the clan was attacked by large group of unknown ninja. Somehow this group had been tipped off to the Pnévma secret traveling schedule and had planned a surprise attack. The clan members were outnumbered but fought back valiantly able to keep an even match due to their unique ninjutu and high intellects. The clan had received minimal casualties by the time that only the leader of the unknown ninja group remained. The leader was locked in combat with her mother while Philyra watched from distance. In a last stitch effort, the leader used all of their chakra to unleash a massive doton technique causing great avalanche. Most of the clan members scattered to the winds with their paper techniques but Philyra was still too young to have mastered the Dance of the Shikigami. Her mother had sustained serious damages and with the last of her chakra wrapped Philyra in a sheet of paper which carried her away from the avalanche while her mother and some of the weaker members were crushed to death.

    Philyra had escaped with her life at the cost of her mother's but still had taken severe damage from the avalanche and needed medical attention. The remaining clan members took her to Takigakure where she was able to receive proper medical treatment. Unfortunately, the clan was now faced with a tough decision as they no longer had a leader and the next heir was not yet of age and in critical condition. On top of these internal issues, members were terrified over who had attacked them as the clan was supposed to enjoy peace treaties with all of the villages. One of the elders, Jupiter, was elected to be interim leader and deal with the situation and decided they had no choice but to continue moving without her as they did not know if other attackers were planning to strike. Unsure what to do with Philyra and with many members concerned about leaving the heiress, Jupiter made a deal with the village to take her as an orphan, making sure not to reveal her true identity as the heiress of the clan, and promised members they would return in one month to pick her back up as she was simply too big of a liability to bring with them and it was not certain if she would ever wake up. So her clan, her family, threw her away as if she were scraps and continued on to hide in the land of lightning.

    They did not return and Philyra eventually did wake up and was enrolled in the local ninja academy and taken to live as in local orphanage where she scavenged to survive. She shared a one person bed with seven kids and had to fight tooth and nail to make sure they didn't push her off in her sleep. Orphans bullied each other and often stole food form one another. It was essentially like a prison run by retired ninja who were too old to care or do anything to help. Due to her training, she was able to hold her own in the orphanage and make the other children fear her on the first day. All she had to do was take down the biggest kid there, which she easily with basic paper jutsu. Philyra began to see the world like the wild, where the strong survive and the weak perish.

    While perhaps not appearing physically impressive, Philyra excelled in the ninja academy due to her large amounts of experience gained from her travels. She was easily able to make genin and later chunin by the age of 18 and jounin by the age of 20. Despite her talents, Philyra did not make many friends in the small village with most being put off by her attitude and harshness in battle, they viewed her as an outsider among them. Philyra did not care much however as she did not have as much attachment to the village as she did her clan which raised her, and spent most of her time reading and learning fuinjutsu. She was able to make a great living as a ninja and able to buy her own place and live on her own, further strengthening her survival of the fittest mentality.

    By the time she reached age 22, Philyra had made quite a name for herself in the ninja world despite being from a minor village, being known as The Wight due to her proficiency as spy and knack for draining the life energy of her targets and use of yang release and paper ninjutsu, both white in color. She had managed to find other members of her clan within the land of fire and on missions but none of them knew what happened to the traveling base of the Linden tree once they had left her in the village years ago. Finances of the Pnévma had crumbled from what they were under her mother and spy networks in villages were starting to deteriorate. Philyra decided to take over as clan head and was able to leave the minor village on good terms. She begun to amass the members still present in the Land of Fire together via secret messages to begin the rebuilding of the Pnévma name, starting in the Land of Fire.
    Philyra is a staunch anarchist who sees chaos as the only acceptable world order. She does not truly believe in the ninja village system and believes the ninja world was far better off as clans. Seeing villages and the daimyo to be the cause of the greatest imbalances in the world, she holds the belief that disorder is the only true order, a philosophy that promotes chaos and pandemonium as the true attributes of freedom and individuality. This can appear to conflict with her role as a jounin and clean leader but to Philyra the world should be like the wild with the strong using the weak. Philyra  believes that only people she considers the strongest should have the right to rule over others and govern people, IE: herself.

    Despite her roles she is not indiscriminately violent, and will not recklessly attack people, usually portraying  a smart, stoic, calm, level-headed, and analytical demeanor and is a strategist on and off the battlefield. She usually doesn't like to resort to violence right away and is content with silently observing other parties battling until their fighting reaches a conclusion. No matter the situation she is placed in she never usually seems distressed or worried (on the outside).

    Philyra has a strong grasp over her emotions, so much so that it's hard to tell what she is actually feeling or thinking. She is highly perceptive and can change her demeanor and personality depending on the crowd she is around. On the inside, Philyra does not tend to actually feel much of any emotion and it can be hard to get to know the real her due to her nihilistic beliefs.

    She is known for her incredibly sarcastic and devious attitude. She is not above lying and manipulating people to get the job done and is an incredibly talented liar and actress. She can fake a personality and lie with no trigger on near instinct. She is not a trusting person after the death of her mother. She can become paranoid quite easily, often double-checking things or sometimes reading too much into something. In extreme cases, she can believe anyone around her is an enemy, and go into fits of psychotic paranoia where she believes people are trying to kill her based on mundane actions or something completely out of their control.

    Philyra typically projects a fem fatal demeanor, even when facing great personal difficulty and usually attempts to fool people into thinking she is weak, based on how she dresses and how she pretends to act. She enjoys doing her hair and picking out clothes just as much as the next girl, but in reality she is not afraid to get down and dirty.

    She rarely criticizes others for their faults, seeing as they are hardly any of her business, and has a great amount of empathy and understanding of others. Even if they are deemed insane she can usually understand the motive for why people do things, even pirates. She shockingly has great people skills and can be quite social if the situation calls for it. She also has a fiery temper when she is passionate about something. Along with that temper is a huge streak of stubbornness.

    She enjoys playing with people. She loves to get a reaction out of anyone and is not afraid to freak others out or make them unconformable. She is very manipulative, frequently toying with people, flirting with them, or using her body to get what she wants. She is numb to the judgement of others, if needed she could walk around naked to just throw an opponent off. In the end she will do what it takes to further her goals, whether that means torture, seduction, aggression, or anything else.

    She is known to play with her opponents if they bore her, sometimes putting them in a complicated situation just to "test" them and see how they react. She is known to leave her opponents alive much longer than she should and also to take advantage of an opponent's weaknesses to have them submit to her, no matter how underhanded they may be.

    Philyra, though appearing calm at first is actually quite sadistic and masochistic, growing more and more excited as she fights. Though she will usually not start a battle or try to drag on the battle in the beginning, once she gets into it there is no stopping her. She will kill without remorse and kill with no sympathy. She takes pleasure in torture and pain not only by dealing it to others, but by also receiving it. Despite this love for pain, Philyra knows her limits and will not purposely put herself into life threatening harm when facing an opponent. She is known to play with her opponents, relishing in the battle and pain that she dishes out and receives. She is a fan of killing her opponents slowing, but if they are dangerous enough she won't waste time. She is a fan of most pain-based torture, especially breath play and water torture, but also enjoys using humiliation to torture others, whether it be through sexual means or others. Overall, she finds human lives to hold very insignificant value.

    Though she is a loner, she still can love and trust people, and can be a good team player, skill she needed to learn to keep her clan alive. She may not always do things if they don't agree with her thoughts, but she will try to protect those she cares about adamantly. She can be a compassionate and fun when finding something or someone that interests her.

    Roleplay Sample:
    Sample taken from an One Piece site:
    It was a clear night along the skies of Baltigo and Hestia was still trying to get accustomed to the island she would begin her new life on. It had only been a week ago that she escaped her old life at the orphanage and decided to travel with a band of slave traders for work. Most people would be scared of trusting people in such a line of work but Hestia was not worried, it was not like she had much to lose anyways. All of Hestia allies and fellow orphans had been sent away to naval bases to be trained as marines, for all she knew they were dead.

    Looking out over the night sky of Balitgo from the roof of the Slave Company's headquarters, Hestia watched as people below bustled around the Pleasure District of the Black Market. Usually at night towns and islands would be dead quiet but not here, many people in Balitgo only came out at night as they preferred to hide in the shadows and save themselves from exposure. The slave trading and prostitution business was a risky game to be caught in and many people in high power position were involved. Mayors, royalty, even higher ranking members of the marines all came here for one reason: to get off. Lights were strung up along the streets to guide people to auction houses and bars, and gave the entire district a soft amber glow. It was somewhat beautiful, a bustling city at night, ya know besides all the collared slaves being beaten or crying.

    he soft glow of the street lights below caused Hestia's own bright amber eyes to brighten in the night sky, as if she were some malevolent black cat stalking around in the dead of night. A soft breeze blew by causing Hestia's skirt to blow up slightly to reveal her black shorts underneath. Her short hair to blew in the wind like bellowing dark ash. Hestia was dressed in her usual attire for this time in her life, a dark-red, off-the-shoulders, v-neck minidress with yellow designs patterning it.Not yet accompanied with the eccentric blue feather-like accessory usually worn on her right hip at the top of an open portion of her dress. At the time, the dress had separated sleeves but they still ended in a triangle shape and were tied around her middle finger, with the gold designs along them taking over at the wrists. The dress ended in an upside-down triangular tail in the back, ending just above the knees. Her dress was of a cheaper material, held up in the back by a simple straps tied in a bow. She still possessed the same baseball diamond-shaped keyhole on the dress' upper back at the same height as her chest, which showed off her disgusting brand mark given to her by her late mother. Sometimes at night Hestia could still feel the burning sensation of the branding on her skin, though she enjoy the sensation. The coolness of the night air, mixing with the burning sensation she still felt from her branding gave her peach-pale skin goosebumps.

    "Hestia you're needed downstairs right away."

    Came a voice from behind. Standing behind her was a man belonging to the winged race. Raven, a man hailing directly from Skypiea, cast out by his people for crimes against humanity, fluffed his majestic black wings once. He almost looked human at this moment, his winged nearly blending in completely with night sky. Raven was one of the head members of slave trading company and was on the board of directors. He was in charge of training recruits in the fighting style of slave traders: chi blocking. He was a somewhat short man with pale skin and dark spikey hair that helped to fram his permanently scowling face. Unlike others of the company, Raven was not particularly fond of Hestia. She guessed it was because the first slave she brought it had also been a member of his winged race, Roman.

    Hestia had captured Roman when she fled Baltigo in order to impress the members of the company and show she belonged here. By the time she reached Baltigo, Hestia had destroyed Roman mentally and turned him into an obedient and humiliated slave. Her work had impressed most of the members but she knew that, despite being abandoned by his own people, Raven did not enjoy members of the winged race being enslaved and sold. Having a strong resentment to authority, Hestia enjoyed getting on Raven's nerves and use any opportunity to do so. She was awarded Roman as a gift by the company, and made sure to humiliate and abuse him whenever Raven was around to see. Of course by now Roman enjoyed the experience but Hestia knew that Raven could not stand to watch because deep down Raven still had some form of humanity, a fatal weakness in an organization such as this.

    Hestia looked at the short little man and gave a soft smile. "Of course, I will be right there....oh would you be a dear and fetch Roman for me though. I sent him on a task a little bit ago to lick the grime off one of the pairs of heels I had been wearing before, he must be done by now."

    Raven said nothing but visibly twitched, the feathers on his wings slightly standing up like an angry peacock. Hestia gave a soft laugh and walked past him, taking the long winding staircase which led to the roof down to the base floor of the slave company's headquarters. Almost all of the members were gathered downstairs all murmuring among one another about merchandise sold and current pay outs by customers. Even her slave Roman had been brought down, his black wings tucked behind him as he sat in the corner. He was still working on the task Hestia had given him hours ago, cleaning every inch of her heels with his tongue and inhaling the smell. It was comical really, Roman's large muscular fram was packed in to a short and tight french maids outfit, equipped with black fishnets and heels. Hestia walked over to her slave and gave him a quick kick with her heeled toe causing him to yelp and moan. By now, the heels he had been licking were spotless and a large erection was protruding from his skirt, covered only by a set of black lace panties. "Stand up shithead a meeting is happening, you are done for now." she spoke sternly. Roman jumped to his feet instantly and stood at attention as if he were a solder, landing on his heels surprisingly gracefully.

    As Roman landed, a line of people walked to the front of the group. There were about six in total and Raven was one of them, someone whispered behind her that they were all the six main executives of the Company.

    The crowd grew quiet and Raven began speaking to the crowd, "Due to the recent influx of new recruits to the company, the boss has decided we are overstaffed." Nervous murmurs could be heard through the crowd. "In order to decide who we keep on staff the boss has decided to stage an event at the Colosseum in one hour. You all must attend, if someone is unaccounted for they will be branded a traitor to the Company and you know what we do to traitors around here." The crowd went silent. Hestia had only joined recently but even she knew what happened. Members caught betraying the Company were either killed on sight or sold to the more satanic customers as slaves. Known family members suffered the same fate unless they were also members of the Company. What the executives were really saying was show up or die, or show up or wish you had died.

    The executives began to leave just as Raven spoke again, "Oh and one more thing, currently owned slaves who are considered members do not apply to this event. If their owner becomes a traitor or fails the event their slaves will be handed over to us for redistribution." Raven looked directly at Hestia while saying this, she knew it was directed solely at her. As the executives left, Hestia punched Roman in his balls out of frustration causing him to moan and dampen his panties a little. She hated being told what to do, and she especially hated it when it came from someone she did not respect like Raven. Whatever the event was, she would make sure to win.

    Spotlights shown down on the Colosseum, illuminating the entire structure of the first floor. Slaves belonging to members and five of the six executives sat in the stands observing Hestia and the other employees below. There were about nineteen employees in total standing around the battlefield with Raven in the center observing them. It seemed only newer employees were being subjected to this event.

    "In order to see who will remain a member of the Company we will be hosting some one on one fights tonight." Raven called out. "Winners will remain employed and losers well be considered traitors and be subjected to the penalties." Hestia could tell her fellow new employees were scared to death but she felt no fear. She had been fighting her entire life and had already begun mastering the art of chi blocking, getting the basics and some higher level techniques down. Since her fight with the marines she no longer could use her old fighting style of ryusoken, as she had lost the ability to create Busoshoku Haki, but she could still apply her superior hand strength to chi blocking effortlessly giving her an edge over any possible competitor. Raven began to pair up people for the fights,  each one lasting only a few minutes and coming down to who was more advanced with chi blocking and any other abilities they had. As it came to Hestia's turn it dawned on her: there was an uneven number of people and she was the last one. "Well Hestia, looks like there is no one left for you to fight...do not worry we planned for this." Raven said with a sinister grin. At this moment one of the gates in the back of the Colosseum opened and out stepped Hestia's chosen opponent, a giant lion. It gave a screeching roar and charged towards her.

    Hestia immediately got into the basic chi blocking battle stance and waited for the lion to get closer in range. She had been practicing the fighting style obsessively since arriving to Balitgo, and while she had not mastered it, she still had the basic down flat. Chi blocking was all about reading your opponent's moves while at the same time being reading to obstruct their energy flow and redirect it. As the lion jumped up to pounce and brought up its left claw to slash at her torso. Hestia bobbed quickly out of the way to the left and jabbed the lion in its now extended left arm three times as it was coming down. While usually landing gracefully, the lion's left arm was now completely paralyzed and unusable causing it to fall onto its face hard which a huge thump. It attempted to stand, not yet realizing the situation it was now in, and began to flounder around the ground for a few moments before finally standing on its three good limbs and once again giving out a roar. It attempted to charge at Hestia once again as she was only a few feet away, but due to know only having three workable limbs, it moved at a far slower and uncoordinated pace. With only three working limbs, the lion attempted to instead bite Hestia which its menacing fangs but was far too slow to land any actual blows. With its reduced speed Hestia could move and jump around it effortlessly. To her, it was like fighting a small toddler at the orphanage, a toddler who could not understand how outmatched they truly were.

    Hestia continued to effortlessly dodge the now handicapped lion's attempts to maul and looked up towards the crowd of people watching. Most of her fellow employees were visibly shocked with the amount of skill she displayed for only having been apart of the Company for a week. Her acrobatic skills alone were on par with seasoned members, and her she had completely paralyzed the limb of the lion after only one basic assault. It takes a great deal of control in strength when striking to create the specific pressure needed to block a pressure point on the body, and even stronger control to amplify that pressure and chi to spread through the entire limb. Roman was visibly rubbing himself through his panties while watching and moaning as he watched his mistress's display on the battlefield. Even the executives were showing smirking and impressed, well all of them except Raven who was scowling more than ever. Hestia loved the attention and wanted to display even more talent for the Company. This was her moment to solidify her position in the Company as someone to not be messed with.

    The lion was panting heavily by now and she knew that it would eventually pass out from exhaustion. The next time it charged at Hestia she crouched down and sprang up into the air, performing 3 back flips before landing flawlessly on the lions back. A visible gasp sounded through the audience as the lion fell to the ground, its 3 legs being unable to support the additional weight of a teenage girl. Before it could retaliate, Hestia deployed a dagger hidden in her left sleeve by applying pressure to a cable which was wrapped around her middle finger. The dagger deployed smoothly, fighting snugly in the space between Hestia's wrist and the sleeve.

    The lion struggled to its feet, causing Hestia to stumble slightly but still keep her balance and position. The beast's paralyzed left arm was beginning to gain feeling back. It seemed Hestia still had some ways to go before completely perfecting the paralyzing effects of her chi blocking strikes. As the lion attempted to rear its golden mane up and plunge its mighty fanged into Hestia's soft flesh, She brought down her hidden dagger into the beast's neck and slice straight across its thick neck. A stream of crimson burst out from the beast's neck and spewed across the Colosseum floor, causing many in the stands to applaud and cheer. The lion attempted to let our a roar of pain, but its throat was now filled with its own blood and all the came out was something resembling a gargled shriek. The crimson blood from the beast drenched Hestia's body, causing her skin to now resemble the shade of red that adorned her dress. At the moment in the stands the crowd had gone wild and even members of the executive board were clapping. Roman had soaked his panties and ejaculated all over himself from seeing the spectacle...grossing out many employees around him in the process. The Beast fell with a mighty thump which echoed throughout the entire Colosseum itself.

    Hestia jumped off the beast elegantly and landed in front of it with her back turned. She licked some of the blood from the great lion off of her face and waves to the screaming crowd as if she were some sort of male pop stars and they were a group of annoying teenage girl fans with too many hormones. For some reason however, Raven had the biggest smile on his face and as Hestia listened to their cheers she realized they were screams telling her to turn around. But it was too late she had gravely miscalculated.

    Hestia would spin around just in time to see her wounded opponent somehow back on its feet and lunging at her. Blood still gushed from its neck wound onto the ground below, dying its fur a dark crimson and creating a puddle below it. The beast appeared more like a demon than the king of the jungle, even more so as it was now foaming at the mouth. It appeared Raven had forgotten to mention that he had infected the lion with rabies right before he set it lose to fight Hestia. The lion now had a crazed look in its eyes and Hestia's chi blocking had worn off completely, giving it the full capacity to move at its maximum speed towards her.

    Hestia only had to time to jump back and avoid being completely mauled to death by the crazed monster and shredded into beautiful confetti. Instead the beast sunk its sharp claws into her legs and slice downwards, causing Hestia to cry out in pain. The mad king of the jungle began to treat her left leg as a scratching post, scratching and scratching. Hestia was barely able to save her left leg from being completely shredded by plunging her dagger into one of the lion's paws as it went in for another swipe, causing it to yelp and jump back.

    Hestia's leg was a completely bloody mess and even worse her shoes were completely ruined...they had been Louis Vuittons. She collapsed on the ground, her leg was useless now, though thankfully she could feel the intense pain coursing through it so she knew she had not lost it forever. The lion began to circle around her like she was prey, still slowly losing blood from its neck as it did so. It would die from blood loss soon, but not before attempting to take Hestia with it. It was kind of an ironic situation, now she was the one with a paralyzed limb unable to move from her spot...a sitting duck waiting to be feasted on.

    Hestia looked up into the ground as the lion prepared to once again pounce on her. Was this how really how it was going to end for her? After all the suffering she bared losing her mother? After building a new life at the orphanage and becoming a leader to everyone around her?Getting through road block after road block just to have it end like this, killed by a disease ridden animal. People in the stands were eyeing the fight in suspense, it had been the most dramatic one of the night for sure. The executives watched with slight amusement wondering what she would do next. Roman was sobbing from his seat calling for his mistress to not give up. "What an embarrassing idiot." Hestia thought, she would have to punish him if she survived. Finally her amber eyes came to rest on Raven who was looking down at her with an arrogant grin on his face. Smugness was exuding from him at this moment, he had planned for her to be killed and now he was going to get his wish.


    Hestia would not let it end this way, not with someone blatantly inferior with her believing they had won and killed her. She could not die here, she refused to die here tonight. She was above them all, above the lion, above Raven, hell even above all the other members of the executive board combined. She was meant for something great. As the lion jumped towards her through the air ready to pounce on its wounded prey and maul it to death, Hestia simply stared at it. There was no fear in her eyes, only anger, a refusal to die. Something inside her said she was not dying today and in that moment an incredible power burst forth from her body. The lion instantly dropped out of the sky onto the ground inches away from her belly up, being pinned down by some form of invisible pressure. At first, many in the stands thought the animal had simply bled out right at this moment, until they were hit by this enormous wave of pressure as well and pinned down into their seats. The pressure of Hestia's sheer willpower had become a physical force in the Colosseum. She had unlocked the gift of a conqueror...no..something even more rare.

    Hestia crawled her way towards the king of the jungle who was now letting out soft distressed grumbles, similar to a common house cat. It was almost cute, except for the copious amounts of blood in its fur, the foaming mouth, and crazed eyes. Hestia brought her dagger down into the beast's neck once more and sliced through the bottom half this time, beheading it completely. She use the beast's corpse as leverage to help her stand up on one leg so she could overlook the still paralyzed audience. She held up the lion's dismembered head to the entire group and in that moment the field of pressure dissipated and everyone was freed. Hestia instantly fell back on the ground and passed out. The stands were completely silent, even the executive board was at a loss for words, including Raven. The only sound was that of sobbing happiness coming from Roman. The Queen of Queens had overthrown the king of the jungle.

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