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    Helter Skelter: Menza Signing Off

    Menza the Cursed One
    Menza the Cursed One

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    Helter Skelter: Menza Signing Off Empty Helter Skelter: Menza Signing Off

    Post by Menza the Cursed One Fri Feb 14, 2020 7:14 pm

    All good things must come to an end. Menza watched as his minions cleared away the last of his things and stored them into boxes. He was winding down his operations on the island and over the next few days, he'd abandon it entirely. He would soon be working with a powerful and shadowy group of individuals. Their research was far more advanced than anything that he could accomplish alone. The catch was that they worked underground, deep within the Earth's crust. He was still a member of the Society but most of his time would be in the company of like-minded scientists. A refreshing change. The mad man had packed up his belongings, killed and destroyed any experiments he wasn't taking with him, and more or less shuttered anything of value on the island.

    Eventually, this place would cease to be Menzagakure and would instead become just another random island off the coast of the main continent. A few dead and disfigured corpses here and there, but ultimately nothing special. He had implanted a genetic kill code into every creature he had created and thus once he left they too would pass away. It was sad, but then again, he had never cared for them in a personal way.

    Menza once more stood in the Medical Bay surrounded by cameras. The room was noticeably emptier. Menza Sukiyama snapped his fingers and the cameras turned on. They began rolling as he recorded his final message.

    Menza's Final Message To the World of Shinobi:

    With the final message recorded and sent to the Kage. Menza would pack up his belongings, shut down his operations on the island, and teleport away. And just like that, Menza Sukiyama was gone.

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