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    Something Something Something Darkside [Mission]

    Rin Matoi
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    Something Something Something Darkside [Mission] Empty Something Something Something Darkside [Mission]

    Post by Rin Matoi on Thu Jan 23, 2020 8:52 am

    Mission Name: Lost Pet Scarpy
    Mission Type: Scout/Tracking
    Mission Rank: D-rank
    Mission Goal: Find Scarry!
    Description: Scarry is a child-sized scorpion originated from the Demon Desert. A shop owner bought him from a travelling merchant and has been caring for the creature ever since. Unfortunately, the scorpion's curious nature leads to him wandering around the village and constantly getting lost. It's your job to find him! Be careful tho, he may be scared and agressive!
    Now you may be wondering, "WHY DOES TRACKING A CHILD-SIZED
    Well, the Kazekage really believes in you! That and also, the scorpion is too young for its poisonous gland to have fully developed. His sting will only leave you with mild diarrhea at most. Probably. It's definitely not mortally dangerous tho!
    Payment: 10,000 Ryo
    Requirements: Genin

    Inari still had some bread to break. After pulling weeds for most of the morning she rewarded herself with some bento at her nearest convenience store. She enjoyed the pleasant lunch and wiped the sweat from her forehead before finding her way back into the Kazekage Complex to find another mission to occupy herself with. For now she was tied of bending over constantly to pick up weeds. It seemed the only logical next mission to take would be one that required a lot of standing and keeping one's head upright. She was the most ideal Genin for tracking as far as she knew. She was one of a kind. Her sharp perception and sense of smell allowed her to follow traces many others would oversee. Today she had to track and find a Scorpion that some guy was fond of owning. It was Sunagakure after all and it would only make sense to stereotype the people in the desert to befriend scorpions and scarabs or something. It was just another beast in need of slaying, but unfortunately she had to keep it alive for obvious reasons. She would spend the afternoon serving the streets for it. Scorpions enjoyed the cool shade, so the alleys made the most sense to start looking. With enough luck she found the beast and managed to secure it by its tail to prevent getting stung. She would return the scorpion to the owner and claim her reward for another mission done.


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