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    Kotari Park (Open)

    Andariel Bloodworth
    Andariel Bloodworth

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    Kotari Park (Open) - Page 2 Empty Re: Kotari Park (Open)

    Post by Andariel Bloodworth on Mon Oct 16, 2017 2:32 pm

    "My, is it that time already? Guess I'll be departing. Nice meeting you, Akashi-sensei. You too, Ryuko." Natsuru waved at Akashi as he left and patted Ryuko on the shoulder bidding her farewell. To her own surprise she worked up quite a sweat. Kicking up dirt didn't help her appearance in any form either. She was in a frantic need to wash up and get a clean set of clothes. But most important she needed to relax. The intensity of the short training session had her senses running rampant. Natsuru could not imagine the threat Akashi's speed could serve alone if he was not holding back.


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    Kotari Park (Open) - Page 2 Empty Re: Kotari Park (Open)

    Post by Ryuko on Tue Oct 17, 2017 10:12 pm

    As Ryuko introduced herself she couldn’t help but catch a look of mild annoyance briefly cross across Akashi’s face before it returned to it’s usual stoicism. It had happened so quickly she would have missed it if she had blinked, and even then she likely wouldn’t have noticed if it wasn’t a look she was already quite used to seeing.

    “What did I do wrong?” she fretted to herself wondering if their had been some flaw in her form that she had missed, or perhaps she had said something that had offended him.  She was trying to be humble when she had said that she was lacking, but maybe he saw as if she was belittling herself.

    Natsuru’s introduction brought a look of pure admiration from Ryuko. She’d spent most of her life living either at her family’s estate or at a remote monastery up in the mountains with only the occasional trip to the capital to liven things up.  The idea of going out and seeing the world seemed incredibly romantic to her.  

    When Akashi declared them as his team she felt unbelievable thrilled to the core. To think that she’d get to spend time with two such fantastic girls her own age, training with them and going on missions together.  It was like Hakkin himself had chosen her team out for her. Even their designation as Squad 1 seemed fortuitous.

    And to top things off their first mission was to guard farmers from bandits which sounded super exciting especially since she had thought they’d be stuck doing menial labor such as painting a fence or cutting grass.  She didn’t think she could possibly ask for a something better then that.

    “Those scoundrels shall rue the day they encounter Squad 1.  If possible we should wipe them out. ‘tis only fitting to take out rubbish after all.  Mayhap we could capture the leader, who knows what intelligence we could gather” Ryuko muttered out loud, loud enough for everyone around her to hear.

    Just as she was getting pumped Akashi-sensai and Natsuru took off on her, leaving so fast that their hadn’t been room for interjections.  Shouldn’t this be where they got to get to know each other as a team better first?  You know who was good at what and so on.  

    Well at least she hadn’t had to tell Natsuru to only use her first name and not her full title.  Though she was being a tad too informal at this point by not attaching any suffixes. Ryuko generously let it slide. Making waves now this early in their relationship could hinder their cohesion as a group which was currently fragile, like a newly heated piece of steel.

    Come to think of it she’d need to get better prepared for the mission herself. If she made the same mistake as she had just done now of going in with nothing but her batons she was going to end up making a fool of herself.  She couldn’t afford much but she had to at least secure some basic supplies like a few kunai and shuriken.

    Speaking of supplies it seemed the entire team was a bit lacking in the armor department. Natsuru had some arm guards at least but that was about it.  It wouldn’t be much but their was something Ryuko herself could do to remedy the situation a tad and maybe improve her teams opinion of her in the process.

    “Shimiko-san, I look forward to working with you. May the rest of your day find you well.”  she said giving the other girl a slight bow as way of farewell as she turned around, retracing her earlier steps to find her way back to the marketplace.


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    Shimiko Chinoike
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    Kotari Park (Open) - Page 2 Empty Re: Kotari Park (Open)

    Post by Shimiko Chinoike on Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:47 pm

    Shimiko was learning quite a bit about the different personalities that made up their squad. Akashi seemed to appreciate brevity, Ryuko spoke with an odd yet elegant accent, and Natsuru was very much the conceited bitch that she came across in the Academy. Shimiko gave no outward expression towards her condescending laughter at her goals nor her refusal to acknowledge her when leaving. It would be impolite and improper to weaken their team unity by matching such pettiness. Although she did promise to exact vengeance for the insult at some indeterminate date in the future. She could not kill her own teammate in cold blood (at least not yet) but she could teach her a lesson in respect. Shimiko returned Ryuko's farewell bow and replied in kind.

    "I hope you have a great day as well, it was nice meeting you Ryuko-san!"

    Shimiko liked the girl and she was certain that she would grow to enjoy her company. Unfortunately there was a matter of the queer title she had affixed to her name when she had introduced herself. She called herself a priestess and her goals implied a religious conviction of some sort. The Chinoike did not think highly of other faiths outside of Janshin. She largely regarded such beliefs as heresies, apostasies, and abominations against her own deity. Luckily Shimiko wasn't an open practitioner so she would say and do nothing but it did bother her when people displayed open commitment to another religion. Shimiko shrugged it off and chalked it up to another act of providence on the part of the one true God, Jashin. Perhaps Shimiko was meant to convert her to Jashinism. That would be wonderful! The girl mused as she walked down a separate path towards the park exit.


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