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    Kage Business


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    Kage Business Empty Kage Business

    Post by Tatts on Mon Jan 13, 2020 4:58 pm

    Using a Clay Clone, and shapeshifted to a crow, Neko-Sama would fly the clone to Kumogakure. A message tightly folded hidden in its' belly from Kirigakure. Where it couldn't fly, it would land on ships, and would mimic the mannerisms of a real life crow until it reached the Raikage's office where it would get their attention before regurgitating the letter and dissolving.

    Hello Sandaime Raikage,

    I'm sorry we couldn't have written under better conditions, our two nations have always been to a degree close. I'm currently at Kirigakure for the Exams and Yui, my human isn't here. With the message I'm sure we've all seen, it leads me to believe she's safely within her borders. While I would have loved seeing her sooner, things have not gotten to where we need to be.

    So I propose this, we have a month to decide. So after the Exams, and an attack in one of the three nations at the very least during the Exams by the Society. Most likely Kirigakure out of spite. I'll head up there. Living among your species and learning your skills has let me gain the ability to shapeshift, and who better to play Yui, than her cat?

    If you have an Otsu there, we can tag team. Be the bait that's needed to save my clowder, and do a rare duty of a Kage. To sacrifice itself for it's people if they must. If you are in agreement, then we can hold a "Kage's Meeting" to discuss the terrorist organization called "The Society", and do an alteration. Yui will become me, for as long as needed, and I shall be her.

    We might be able to spring a trap if necessary, or temporarily sacrifice two to save thousands. But I have failed my Human for many months, beyond the duty she left me with before disappearing. To protect Konoha. But if I can save her life. I will do so, not as a Kage, but as what a cat does for it's clowder.

    Protect it's things at all cost, or failing that, seek a furiocious feline vengeance.

    Your ally,

    Kage Business 3jxkoW8OhigAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==

    PS: Let my human know I've never stopped looking for her, and I'm sorry our last words are me sacrificing myself to save her beloved.

    PPS: If you can get a bit of her blood to analyze. It will allow me to more perfectly replicate her so that not even Menza could tell the difference, even if he tortures me to an inch of my life.

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