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    [Flashback] Moving In


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    [Flashback] Moving In  Empty [Flashback] Moving In

    Post by Short_Stack on Wed Jan 08, 2020 12:22 am

    Miyu had traveled far this last week under Shimko's wings. Seeing more of the world that she thought possible, and her eyes constantly alight with a childlike sense of joy and wonder. The bags under her eyes had mostly gone away after she'd gotten good sleep and the constant wave of distrust and hate she had felt for so long aimed at her was gone.

    The first day of her leaving Kiri's borders and that weight lifted had her weeping tears of relief onto Shimiko as she finally felt herself feel free of so many things that had weighed upon her young heart.

    But now it was time to speak to the one person who could truly make or break her being allowed to make a fresh start with her newest adoptive Big Sister. Putting her best foot forward would make or break this, so Miyu resorted to what she did most when dealing with unknown people. She cooked.

    As they entered the Raikage's office Miyu would have three trays, one for the Raikage, for Shimiko, and one for herself composed of a Honey-Lemon with Candied Walnut Vegan Brioche; an Ika Sansai ; and an Onigiri made of Apple Risotto wrapped around a lightly seasoned Agedashi Tofu. With a cup of fruit punch made from Kiri's many tropical fruits as well as some of the various cultivars she had collected during her travels.

    "Hello Ms. Raikage, Ma'am," Miyu said with a deep respectful bow, "I'm Miyu Ryuutei, Shimi-Nee took me in as her little sister, and I'm hoping to make my home here away from Kirigakure. I'd be most honored if you'd allow me to be a Kumo-Nin. I know it's not much, but the Hokage sent me an invite to be their chef for the Chuunin-Exams, so I thought I'd make us all lunch ... if that's okay with you?"

    Miyu would blush shyly, and scuff her feet as she awaited the Raikage's judgement.


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    [Flashback] Moving In  Empty Re: [Flashback] Moving In

    Post by Shimiko Chinoike on Fri Feb 14, 2020 5:52 pm

    Shimiko led Miyu into the Raikage's chambers. She was excited but also a bit nervous. Taking in a foreign ninja was bound to be controversial and although the Raikage favored her student, there were other concerns she had to consider. Shimiko smiled when she saw Miyu carrying trays for them. The girl enjoyed cooking and it brought her back to when Shimiko first met the pink haired darling.

    "Raikage-sama, allow me to introduce Miyu Ryuutei....I met her on my first trip to Kirigakure and we devloped a bond with one another. She recently informed me that with the latest outbreak of plague many of her close family have been bed-ridden or worse. I've come to know and trust Miyu, I beleive she would make a great addition not just to my family but to this village"

    Shimiko bowed humbly before the Raikage. It was very formal but her ask was big and she didn't want to make it seem as though her Lady's decision was a foregone conclusion. She had left out the fact that Miyu was a recent convert to Orthodox Jashinism. That would come later.


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