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    Chinoike Moves Out

    Shimiko Chinoike
    Shimiko Chinoike

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    Chinoike Moves Out Empty Chinoike Moves Out

    Post by Shimiko Chinoike on Mon Dec 23, 2019 2:30 pm

    Vik had heard about the protests between the Jashinists and the Nationalists. The situation was escalating far beyond the control of either faction and he knew he would need to do everything in his power to keep conflict from going hot. The Chinoike Clan Leader immediately commanded the clan's troops to move out and support to the Jashinist faction. He had asked for Shimiko's hand in marriage and in exchange she had demanded his absolute loyalty to the Church. He was a man of his word and he had no intention of breaking the deal they had forged.


    NPCs Moving out to the Stand-Off thread: 5 A-Class Guard. 5 A-Class Scouts. 5 A-Class Assault.


    Chinoike Moves Out P5_portrait_of_Anne_Takamaki27s_Phantom_Thief_outfit_without_mask


    • Strength: D
    • Constitution: D
    • Stamina: A++
    • Speed: A
    • Coordination: S
    • Intelligence:  B
    • Perception: A


    • 1x Kālīkoroshimasu
    • 1x Kālīkoroshimasu (Chakra Disruption Technology)
    • 10x Serrated Kunai
    • Six Sai of Serration
    • Badger's Claws
    • Chinowakugumi Armour (Snow Armour Technology)
    • Twin Tessen of Terror

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