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    A Cloud Gathering


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    A Cloud Gathering Empty A Cloud Gathering

    Post by LeonInazuma on Sun Dec 22, 2019 1:25 am

    It was a quiet evening in Sven's residence. It was a comfortable house in the Residential District. A single floor house of concrete amongst this stone jungle. Even a simple front yard with a line of red roses along the walking path to Sven's front door. The Lion was dressed rather nicely. A simple white shirt with the sleeves coming down to just below his elbows. A vest of satin can be seen over his shirt as he finds himself in his kitchen. There was only a small table with a single chair. Though the place is clean and organized. There isn't a lot of miscellaneous pieces such as art and such. The house really says that there is only one person living here.

    The man was eating himself just a simple sandwich. Two slices of bread with some honey roasted ham, lettuce, tomato, and a little bit of mayonnaise. Paired with a cup of dark roast coffee. He was eating his lunch pondering on what he should do next when he hears a knock on his front door. Immediately he was a tad confused on who would knock on his door. Now Sven isn't exactly a loner, as he does often stay outside in the city and only comes home to eat, shower, and sleep. However his family of Chinoike are at odds with him, and his parents are outside of Kumogakure. So really, he didn't have many candidates that he could think of.

    Setting down his sandwich on the small plate as he swallowed the mouthful of food. Sven gets up from his seat and approaches the front door. Of course he peeks through the hole to see who it is. Just some male and female from the looks of it. Probably a merchant, although not a traveling one considering their lack of bags or travel stains. Sven turns the knob and opens the door to greet the couple with a flashing smile.

    "Good afternoon, what can I do for you fine couple?" Sven asked like he was some clerk. Then again, he is a trained business man as he is a shinobi. The man pursed his lips before responding.

    "We're hoping you can help us with a little something. See, our dear son Naito Yoshida seems to fancy himself staying late as of late. I'm sure it is nothing, but could you find him for us? We're a bit concerned for him you see." The father had that air of confidence, but his expression tells Sven that the man is worried. Sven briefly recalls the name Naito, a Genin from what he can remember from the top of his head.

    "Well if you want to you could hear up to the Raikage's Building just up the street there. I'm sure submitting a mission there would get many people to look for him as…" Sven begun to say before the mother cuts him off.

    "Well Naito is one of your students is he not? Do we need to pay you to look for one of your own?" Her face was flushed red with those eyes burning with fury. That wasn't what Sven was trying to say, as logically submitting a mission regarding this will draw many lookouts and investigators for this Naito. Increasing the chances of finding the kid.

    "My apologies if my words suggested that ma'am. I only meant that posting a mission at the Administration will alert other shinobi to look out for your son. However, I can look into it immediately if you can tell me when you last saw him and where." Sven kindly responded not taking offense to the outburst. Sven gestures them to enter his residence, and as they do so he gently closes the door behind them. The first thing that anyone entering his house will see the living room which only had a fireplace on one side. A love seat couch placed a some safe distance from the fireplace yet would still face it to feel the heat. A mahogany coffee table with brass knobs for the drawers can be seen in front of the love seat. Beside the fireplace is two comfy chairs facing towards the couch and table at an angle.

    Sven offers them to sit on the couch as he moves to open one of the drawers from the coffee table to retrieve a pad of sticky notes with a pen. With a click of his pen, Sven quickly wrote down the Genin's name and underlined it.

    "We last saw him about a week ago. He didn't say exactly where he was going other than he had work to do. I am afraid we haven't seen Naito ever since then." That did not bode well, rather the information wasn't good, because Sven is going to have broaden his search on where Genin often go to. Training Ground was one of them, but so was the Administration area. Every shinobi who gets a mission will get it from the Raikage Building, so Sven can look in the records there. Still the Jounin scribbled down the note before looking at the mother. At first she was at a lost for words it seems.

    "The same goes for me. Neither of us have seen him since last Friday morning." That gives Sven a date to go on. At least he can start searching for what happened a week ago. Albeit Sven is sure the kid could just be acting out and crashing at some friends' house.

    "Does he have any friends? Anyone else that he's close to such as a sensei or something of the sort?" Sven asked once again for more information, and much to his bad luck right now neither of them really know what goes on with Naito's daily life. So he doesn't have anyone specific to talk to, and currently he only has two possible areas that Naito could have visited. Still he scribbled something down to make it look like he was taking notes. Then Sven asks another question that will help him with his investigation.

    "Do you have a recent picture of him for this investigation?" The father had this one, for he reached in his pocket for a wallet and brings out a small photo. It was of the father with a kid with dark skin, covered in sweat and grim as he wore an apron. Reminds Sven of when he works on his forge. Still Sven will keep the photo and place it in his vest pocket. Offering a smile to the couple, Sven follows up with a suggestion.

    "Would you like to have something to drink or eat along the way back home?" The Lion offered, but the couple respectfully decline.

    "Oh no, that's alright we were just about to leave anyways. Please find him as soon as possible." Naito's mother replied before both of them excused themselves. Sven escorted them out of his house, and once they were out he quickly finished his sandwich and drank his coffee. Grabbing his Rüstung from the coat rack next to the door and putting it on with ease. Buttoned up, Sven grabbed his Kumogakure headband and wrapped it around his forehead with the steel plate facing forward. Then after adding the final you of a silver broom that was a pentagram with the head of a lion at the center. Sven departs for the Raikage Building since he figures that would take up most if not all of his time to search through the records.


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