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    Puppet creations


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    Puppet creations Empty Puppet creations

    Post by LeonInazuma on Mon Dec 09, 2019 1:46 pm

    Sven is spending some time in his workshop as his suit jacket was taken off for the purpose of not getting it dirty. So he's wearing a clean, white dress shirt with the sleeves neatly rolled up with a button to keep them from falling down. Of course he has to stop by the marketplace to purchase some materials. Such materials including bronze ingots, wood, iron, and even sinew. Can't really work on a project if they don't have the materials right?

    So Sven stepped out of his workshop temporarily to purchase said materials. Easy enough to acquire, and Sven certainly has the physique to carry said materials up to his workshop. Of course he returns through the back door so that he can set down the log neatly on the ground. Then he sets his bags of ingots inside next to the back door. Then Sven fires up his forge which will take some time. While that was warming up, Sven got into quick work to sawing off exactly 5 foot in length of the wood. With a flat on the ground as sawdust and bark litter the soil now. Setting the wood piece inside the workshop away from the forge, Sven will get work on smelting bronze and iron separately so that he can forge into the pieces that he needs.

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