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    [Flashback] Stranger in a Strange Land


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    [Flashback] Stranger in a Strange Land Empty [Flashback] Stranger in a Strange Land

    Post by Seigi on Sun Dec 08, 2019 5:09 pm

    "Wake up."

    Seigi's head rose slowly, his lone eye rising up to meet the source of brightness that had penetrated into his cell. The large concrete walls had a habit of blocking out light so anything was a treat to Seigi. He shuffled slightly, propping himself up against the wall, coughing so he could clear his throat, spitting out the mucus that the mold inside the cell had created inside his lungs. Taking a look at the guard, he would exhale sharply. The last few days had been a blur, and he was trying to piece together where he was, what had happened, how he wound up here but his mind drew blanks on.... everything. He had flashes of people and images, but it was hard putting it all in order. He knew his name, that he had a brother named Tatsuya, that he had lived in Kumogakure, and left, only to return years later. He remembered a girl and a bird, and a man with black hair that made Seigi's pulse race and stomach tighten when he thought of him, so he only guessed that he had something to do with this. He had this strange nagging feeling, however, as if he had lost someone very close to him, almost as if grief gripped his heart. He didn't like this feeling.

    "Warden wants to see you." The guard would say, stepping away from the cell. Rising up from his spot on the ground, he used the wall for support, until he stood upright. His bare feet were cold against the ground, and Seigi moved his toes back and forth to make sure everything was still working right. Sauntering towards the door, the guard would return, suprising Seigi, placing a black bag over his head.

    "Move, prisoner." He would order, pushing Seigi forward, into the hallway. Seigi couldn't see anything through the obscurved black cloth, occasionally bumping into the wall, but quickly corrected by the officer. He even felt himself clip another cell's handle with his elbow, causing a loud bang and startling whatever was inside, which let out an unsatisfied, obscured yell.

    "At least I'm not alone in here." Seigi would think to himself, before being forcefully grabbed by the guard once more, who now took full control of Seigi's movements. Turning down a few hallways, Seigi tried to keep count of turns and where his feet went, counting the steps to where he was going until he realized that the guard had been taking him in circles to avoid that very thing. After walking for what seemed like 10 minutes, Seigi was placed into a room and placed in a chair with the bag over his head still. He couldn't see anything except a light in the corner, and from the sound of pacing footsteps, could tell he wasn't alone with the guard in there.

    Character Name: Seigi Douchiwa
    Spendable Experience: 165
    Total Experience: 6265
    Renown: 0
    b]Ryo:[/b] 275000

    • Strength: C
    • Constitution: C
    • Stamina: B (A+) (Uzumaki) (Living style)
    • Speed: A
    • Coordination: S
    • Intelligence: B
    • Perception: B

    Link to Character Updates: https://gladiusnarutorp.forumotion.com/t2516-seigi-s-updates
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    The Warden
    The Warden

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    [Flashback] Stranger in a Strange Land Empty Re: [Flashback] Stranger in a Strange Land

    Post by The Warden on Fri Dec 13, 2019 3:19 pm

    [Flashback] Stranger in a Strange Land 56f26595998834cf1ae6a19c239b538a
    Tenma Kiyoto

    Sage of Shikkotsu Forest
    Occupation: Lord Paramount of Hōzuki Castle & Warden of the Blood Prison

    Deep within the bowels of Hōzuki Castle held the most curious anomalies of Block C. One of these anomalies was found in the area not far from the prison itself. A young man who was rather unremarkable in every way except one: he was identical to the deceased Raikage of Kumogakure. The people who came across him used  key words such as "wormhole", "strange", "dimensions", and "fear" to describe his arrival. When interviewed, the individual remembered precious little but DNA testing confirmed that this person was a near exact copy of the Raikage. The information was kept under wraps and Seigi was spirited from a local hospital and incarcerated into the Blood Prison for further testing. The Warden was charged with looking into this strange case and as such he designated Seigi as a Block C prisoner. He had ordered his men to put Seigi through the mind reading machine and what they found was near useless. Blotchy memories concerning events that didn't take place with people of whom there was no discernible record. The working theory was that this "Seigi" was an inter-dimensional transplant from a parallel universe. He was confined to a cell and occasionally knocked out and studied. Very few people knew that Seigi was being kept there, for if word got out then there'd be nothing to stop Kumogakure from fighting tooth and nail to take their supposed Raikage back. Instead, the Warden opted for maximum discretion. Until he could ascertain what this doppelganger was and where it came from, he'd keep him a secret from the world. There might be one or two ultra-rich benefactors that were given vague reports about what went on in the prison, but beyond that it was as if Seigi Douchiwa had never come to this world.

    It wasn't all smooth sailing from there though. Dissatisfied with the pace of his men's research, the Warden decided to take a markedly different approach. He had instructed his Deputy Wardens to remove Seigi from his cell and take him into an interrogation room. The Warden of the Prison was a no nonsense man. He was hard, unyielding, and without mercy. These attributes would one day contribute to the downfall of the very prison that he had become so fond of, but alas, that is a tale for another time. For now, it is important to know that at this point in his tenure, Tenma had become very comfortable with the various experiments he ran. Although he would never admit it, at first he found the whole affair unnatural and unjust. Peoples and creatures from elsewhere caged up like animals and then dissected and put back together. It was painful, cruel, and tough to watch. And for what? So that shadowy individuals  could curate that knowledge and sell it to villages who in turn would transform it into bizarre abilities and techniques that far exceeded the scope of most jutsu? It made him sick to his stomach. As a disciple of Katsuyu and a skilled medic, he thought the operation to be an evil arrangement. Yet as time went on, either one of two things happened. Either he began to realize that what was being done here was the only chance humanity had for survival or he allowed the spirit of the prison to corrupt his soul. In either case, he had become efficient, knowledgeable, and rather successful when it came to managing and extracting useful information from Block C prisoners. Seigi, or Prisoner #567341, was just the latest in a long line of test subjects.

    Confident that he was about to solve the mystery of the Kage Clone, Tenma strode down the corridor to the interrogation room. The Warden was wearing a dark blue jacket, matching belt, and combat pants. The center of the jacket was open exposing his muscular chest and abdominal. He sported two metal gauntlets that appeared to glow lightly. He kept his jet black hair in a long pony tail with a single strand of hair falling in front of his face as a bang. It was fairly casual and a stark contrast to his usual outfit (which can be seen in his avatar). He was wearing it not for comfort but for strategic effect. The best way to handle this new prisoner would be to approach him as a near equal. The Warden reviewed the dossier on Seigi and noted the anomalous characteristics of the Douchiwa's arrival.  He entered the interrogation room and nodded to the guard. The guard exited without a word, leaving Tenma and Seigi alone. The Warden was positive that if worse came to worse he could defend himself. He was one of the strongest shinobi in the world and Seigi while potentially powerful, had shown no signs of X-Class power. Add to the fact that the otherworldly visitor was sleep deprived, sunlight deprived, and fed a basic diet he wasn't exactly in fighting shape.

    Tenma walked to the chair Seigi was in and yanked the black bag off of his head. He waited until the prisoner could see him clearly before speaking.

    "Douchiwa, Seigi....you're a long way from home aren't you?"

    The man's voice was calm and amicable. His face was stern but more relaxed than it usually was. He was at ease and appeared to be so in control of the situation that he did not feel the need to bark orders or intimidate.

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