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    A Modest Show of Force

    Shimiko Chinoike
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    A Modest Show of Force Empty A Modest Show of Force

    Post by Shimiko Chinoike on Fri Nov 29, 2019 8:32 pm

    Mora was sitting in cloister with a criminal's head in her hands. She had decapitated the heathen herself and had drank some of his blood. She whispered a solemn prayer to Jashin and shook the man's severed head as the incense wafted from the cramped room. A gentle knock came on the door right as she uttered the last words.

    "Lady Superior Mora, please forgive me for intruding but an urgent matter requires your attention" came a low gravely voice from the other side. Sacristan Lee-hei.

    Mora set down the severed head and responded to her eldest and most fanatical of followers.

    "What is it Sacristan Lee-hei?"

    "Our informants have alerted us that a young blonde woman riding atop a dragon has come to Kumogakure. The guards at the gate have detained her and there is reason to believe that she is a person of interest."

    "Shiroi is closely affiliated with dragons"

    "That she is.....what are you going to do my Lady?"

    "Shimiko is not present but our involvement in matters of state has become an unquestionable custom. I will investigate the matter myself and lend my advice and counsel to our dear Raikage" Mora said as she emerged from the cloister and held out a hand. Sacristan Lee-hei produced a chilled towel which she used to wipe her forehead.

    "Prepare my priestly attire and staff, the Church's work extends to all matters of spiritual and political life. This is no different."

    "At once my Lady"

    Sacristan Lee-hei bowed and left to make the necessary preparations. Lady Superior Mora would then get dressed and take a small garrison of armed shinobi to the Kumogakure gates.

    Exit w/ 3 Groups of A-Rank Assault NPC


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