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    Sand People


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    Sand People Empty Sand People

    Post by Raijin Mon Nov 25, 2019 12:38 pm

    This was entirely different to the climate he had been adjusted too for the past few years. The misty and mysterious isle was wetlands. He had grown tired of the bleak and grim outlook from his vast underground base. However he had been taken aback by the powerful heat, it was a dry heat at least. The two squads of Death Eater's and Raijin appeared on the great sandy dunes. Finding Suna would seem next to impossible in this vast wasteland of sand and sun.

    Like he did in the Land of Grass. He began to turn into his second transformation, growing wings on his back. "Get to searching for the village Hidden in the Sand. I'll be searching from above." They nodded, obeying orders. Raijin took of with his wings flapping in the wind, taking off into the sky, he began to search for the hidden village.


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