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    Kidnapping Some Civilians [Swamps]

    Menza the Cursed One
    Menza the Cursed One

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    Kidnapping Some Civilians [Swamps] Empty Kidnapping Some Civilians [Swamps]

    Post by Menza the Cursed One on Sat Sep 28, 2019 2:16 pm

    The Kirigakure shinobi (roided out of their minds on steroids) would wade through the thick bog on the way to a small community of Swamp civilians. The Kiri-Nin would grab civilians from their homes and take them back to Menzagakure. Naturally, the people would fight back and they were brutally killed or severely injured for their resistance. The men wouldn't commit any atrocities akin to what was done in Demons but they would kill a fair amount of the men who had chosen to fight rather than allow their neighbors to be taken away. The civilians were captured and placed in cages. The Kiri Nin then made their way back to Menzagakure by boat.

    Exit to Menzagakure [24 Hours]

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