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    Shimiko Chinoike
    Shimiko Chinoike

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    A New Party Member?! Empty A New Party Member?!

    Post by Shimiko Chinoike on Sat Aug 31, 2019 6:29 am

    Shimiko had taken Miyu to the Land of Sound. Normally, she'd refrain from conducting ANBU business with a close friend but the opportunity was simply too good to pass up. She had made a promise to Ken and she intended to keep that promise. As much as she despised the man, he had agreed to help take down the Society in exchange for certain assurances. Shimiko and Miyu stopped in front of a house in a large rice paddy field. She turned to her traveling companion and said:

    "Miyu, I'm picking up another person to take with me back to Kumo. Official shinobi business and all that. Its very important that you don't speak with our new guest if you can help it. Understand?"

    Assuming Miyu understood, Shimiko would walk towards the house and head inside. She'd meet with Ken's baby momma and the daughter he spoke so fondly of. After a lengthy exchange and an explanation of what was going to happen, Shimiko left the house with a young girl clinging to her back.

    Shimiko walked up to Miyu and said:

    "Let's head out."

    Shimiko normally loved kids but it was clear from the coldness in her body language and demeanor she had no affection for this particular child. The group would then head to Kumogakure.


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    Post by Short_Stack on Sat Aug 31, 2019 9:07 am

    The last few days of traveling had been amazing for Miyu. Being able to cook amazing dishes for Shimiko, seeing the world outside of the Land of Water. Meeting different people, and different places. The look of wonderment and raw joy at her newfound freedom not once leaving her face. But was even better was the feeling of so many different hearts beating for their homes. The sense of community, and not a single one knowing a thing about the Ryuutei. For the first time in a while, she could enjoy the joy and freedom life was taking her. Could spread her wings and let fate guide her path.

    But she had certain promises to keep to Inarei, the only person in Kiri who showed her kindness, and had it just as hard as Miyu in some ways, in someways harder. But like Miyu, felt trapped within the village and desired for freedom. Miyu had promised souvenirs, and stories of the places she'd visit. And an additional promise on their conversation concerning her clan's dragons some day. As well as getting things for Midori, after all her Big Sis needed to know that she was thinking of her always and that she was still loved by the Sister she chose to be her family so long ago.

    So every city, she'd seal away a tiny gift. And would gather stories from others along her journey. But at night was the favorite part of her day. She'd been worried that without Midori to hold her as she slept, all the worries and fears of her life would come crashing down upon her. But Shimiko took that place perfectly. Gave her something solid and real to grab a hold of, to let her know she wasn't a dream, that she was real, that she existed and was loved.

    She couldn't have had it better, and all the while learning more about Jashin and stories of Shimiko's life that she felt like sharing. And when not talking would simply train her sensory, Fuuin and Taijutsu.

    As they finally neared the home of a woman and child, with a body Shimiko needed to collect. As she walked out, Miyu felt the coldness and lack of love for the child she was carrying and would rub her arms as if to warm herself. She didn't know anything about this passenger, but she already had the feeling she wasn't going to like her.

    Touching Shimiko's knee, she looked up and gave a warm smile, "Tonight, I'm going to cook your favorite dishes."

    And with that would travel with Shimiko's newest backpack as they traveled up to Kumo. Collecting more gifts and stories along the way.


    Land of Hot Springs -> Land of Frost -> Southwestern Lightning Country (Kumogakure)

    48 Hours

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