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    Akame's Humble Abode


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    Akame's Humble Abode Empty Akame's Humble Abode

    Post by Akame on Sun Aug 25, 2019 8:11 pm

    Akame's apartment was nothing too fancy. She preferred to live a simple life with lots of room in the apartment for food rather than colorful clothing or sixteen pairs of shoes. Today was a special day, as she was going to attempt a very difficult fuuinjutsu. The ANBU had been studying her plans for more than two weeks now, practicing the pattern and reviewing her work before actually committing to it. She had gotten it right the last four practice runs, so she figured that it was probably okay for her to go ahead and actually make this fuuinjutsu a thing. If she had it planned right, then it would help her immensely in terms of combat utility. The ability to have what she needed at her fingertips at any moment was a fantastic advantage for one of her caliber to possess over her opponents.

    She stood in her living room in nothing but her birthday suit, not wishing to disturb the imprinting process of the fuuinjutsu onto her body. Two shadow clones had her lifted into the air, their hands very carefully placed to not interfere with the tattoo at all. Thankfully Akame was naturally strong when compared to most people, so it was easy for two of her to hold her own body weight up for an extended amount of time.

    The ANBU inhaled slowly and then wove the series of seals needed to begin the technique. Once completed, a third clone would use chakra created ink to draw the pattern of the Human Scroll technique onto Akame's body with great dexterity. The design was done within a minute and was absolutely flawless. This clone dispersed, returning its chakra to Akame. She exhaled slowly, pushing a large amount of chakra into the ink that was drying on her skin.

    A burning sensation flooded her skin all along the ink which caused her to grit her teeth in pain. She hadn't expected it to hurt as badly as it did, and it hurt for quite a few seconds. After the tattoo was completed she let out a hiss with the last remaining breath she had remaining to aid in getting used to the pain. The other two clones lowered her to the ground where she started, her tender feet startling her. "Gonna have to lie down for a little while, I think. Maybe eat some ham..."

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