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    Iro's Humble Abode


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    Iro's Humble Abode Empty Iro's Humble Abode

    Post by Kye on Fri Dec 07, 2018 6:29 pm

    Iro's house was nothing extraordinary being apart of a neighborhood. It was a three bedroom layout, with two bathrooms, kitchen and dining area, living room, family room, cellar, and an indoor garden house. One of the extra bedrooms became a study for her. One she was currently using sitting behind an oak desk with a platinum bracelet on the surface. Surrounding it were a handful of cantrips such as crushed gem powder, a lit tealight candle, an opened vial of water, and some other odd ingredients. Iro's palms hovered over the bracelet as her eyes were closed channeling her energy into the item. She was at it for fifteen minutes already. In her silence the room dimmed. When she opened her eyes the cantrips were gone with an extinguished flame and empty vial remaining. The bracelet had a translucent azure blue glow to it which was hardly noticeable without a sharp eye or darkness. But it was that confirmation telling Iro that her ritual was a successful one.


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