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    Training Plus Ultra x2! [Andy]


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    Training Plus Ultra x2! [Andy] Empty Training Plus Ultra x2! [Andy]

    Post by TsukiTatsuda on Wed Jul 31, 2019 11:35 pm

    Another day in the training fields, another day for Tsuki to work herself into shape. Right now she had focus on her ninjutsu, and currently she is studying over a scroll of a basic Ninjutsu that rapidly expands a normal shuriken into a giant. From the sounds of it, Tsuki gathers that she will not have the strength to move it. Still Tsuki can see methods of utilizing such things, it just depends on the scenario she assumed. It was the basic Tiger seal all that it required, so it was easy for Tsuki to master it in that sense. However, this test will be the result of her training later on. So Tsuki took out one of her shurikens and made sure to put some distance between her and the shuriken. A good 10 meters as Tsuki had placed the shuriken in the center of this field. Forming the Tiger and concentration on her chakra. The shuriken rapidly expanded into a giant shuriken standing up on one point before tilting to the side. Where the other end of the shuriken sinks deep into the earth with a rumble that shakes her being. It was a magnificent sight to Tsuki, but this was just icing on the cake.

    Tsuki is a 5'8" slender teen with an ample bust. Wearing over her torso is a steel mail shirt with a black shirt underneath. Of course there is the usual mesh shirt that any shinobi should have. Covering from the back of her wrist to her elbows is a pair of steel arm guards. Clipped around her waist is a belt with a hip pouch and one baton on each side of her belt. On her left thigh is a dark green holster held by a white cloth as it contains 3 of her Kunai. Her navy blue baggy pants matched with a navy blue pair of sandals. Finally Tsuki's headband rests around her neck with the steel plate facing forward in front of her.

    Her jet black hair that reminds people of a river of darkness is pulled up into a low tail. If she was going to train then the hair would just be in the way Tsuki reckoned. Plus it wasn't everyday that Tsuki gets to challenge another Genin. Especially after the last one practically burnt herself out too quickly. After all this Andalusa person is supposed to be more experienced as a shinobi than her. This test that was more self indulgent on Tsuki's part will push her to even greater heights.

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