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    Patrolling (Mission)

    Kureji Toukei
    Kureji Toukei

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    Patrolling (Mission) Empty Patrolling (Mission)

    Post by Kureji Toukei on Fri May 10, 2019 6:10 am

    It seems the success in his last time of doing this mission landed him another gig of doing this same mission again, he didn't seem to mind it since it is a C-Ranked mission, and being a Genin, he usually gets assigned with another person and the last one he got assigned with is a Chuunin from what he gathered, even if it isn't and it happens to be another Genin then they were at least trained enough to deal with a bunch of shabby thieves which is what he dealt with the last time.

    He wore his headband protector around his neck, wearing a grey shirt underneath his signature green jacket with long black pants stretching down to his lower shin with his feet being covered by the blue sandals he wore. It was a rather basic outfit and it worked well enough as a "practical" outfit for him to perform in his duty as a ninja. His red eyes looked over to the streets, being rather lively during the day and there's rarely any sort of indication for criminal activity to happen but that's what Kouen's job is today, in the case something happens in the streets, he's there to stop it or at least, settle down the situation.

    He waited by the entrance to the district for his partner on this mission. He didn't know if he'd get assigned with Seid again, he'd prefer to since he worked pretty well with him and he's somebody he knows a fair bit about, but either way, considering the events of last time he's just glad to have anybody assigned with him.


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    Kanna Mikiri
    Kanna Mikiri

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    Patrolling (Mission) Empty Re: Patrolling (Mission)

    Post by Kanna Mikiri on Sat May 11, 2019 9:12 am

    Today was the day. Kanna's first official mission as a graduated ninja, her first chance to show what she was able to do. It was even a C rank mission, although it seemed to just be a general patrol within the village. She didn't expect much to really happen but of course one had to take every mission completely serious. And then there was the other part that she had to deal with, apparently she would be going with someone else. She would have rather gone on her own to make things simple but there was no way she would complain and cause a fuss.

    Making sure her outfit was complete and her gloves weren't going to come off any time soon, she grabbed her headband and headed out while putting it on. It wouldn't do to not represent her village properly even within the walls after all. It didn't take a very long time to get to where she would be meeting whoever she was going on patrol with, but she used the time as well as she could to try and get in the right mindset. Watching the people around her she tried to look for any suspicious behaviour, but things seemed to be normal. Thinking about that it was a good thing, she might have graduated but could she really take on a serious troublemaker all by herself?

    Getting to the entrance she looked quickly for anyone that seemed right, and was able to see a headband much like her own around a young man's neck. Walking over to him she would wave briefly to get his attention before speaking up. "So, are you here for the patrol as well? Nice to meet you, you can call me Kanna." She hoped he didn't ask for her family name, as it was something she wouldn't be able to give him. That was one of the rules, and she always followed the rules. They were what kept her safe after all.

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