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    Grabbing some provisions


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    Grabbing some provisions Empty Grabbing some provisions

    Post by Kohana on Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:58 pm

    Taking a moment after spending the noon training for the upcoming second round of the exams. Leora decided it would be better to grab some food that would sustain her body enough to withstand whichever assault that might come at her way. For she has a decent number of techniques and possibly the ability to perform chunin level feats. However the point Leora has noticed is that everyone else has some kind of edge or ace up in their sleeves. While she technically does have an ace, it was something that was rather costly and not something she can keep up often. So with her stepping into the cafe for a few minutes as Leora browsed through the menu.

    Eventually Leora settled for 1 nigiri to which she could enjoy and yet not be pressed for time. At least for now anyways. Leora pays the sum and consumes the food with little time before walking out of the cafe with an expression of gratitude towards the staff.

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