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    Replacement Blade


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    Replacement Blade Empty Replacement Blade

    Post by RinUchiha on Wed Jan 09, 2019 10:47 pm

    Today was somewhat of a sad day for Rin. His trusted katana finally gave in to retirement and now he must go out in search of another blade. Browsing through this store's selection of weaponry from the known cleaver swords to the tanto. However they were basic market quality that Rin can imagine would break soon in his hands. To be frank after his fight against Nozomi the Uchiha was inspired with her tactics, yet none of the tools he had compliment well with those tactics. Instead it felt like even his wakizashi clashed with the ideal flow.

    So Rin makes a note of getting perhaps a smaller blade like a knife, one that wasn't the artifact still resting in his hip pouch. Never once has he actually used it against someone. So Rin looks through kunai, trench knives, and even tanto. After asking if he could lift the weapons from the rack Rin tested how each of them felt in his hands. While each weapon were functional and he could use them. They just didn't feel right. “Is there any other tool like this knife that might be different?” Rin asked the clerk who huffed a bit. The man took a moment as if he was pondering. “Ya know what kid, i think i have something for ya.”

    The clerk comes over to the knives section and began digging through his box of knives. Most were either a standard straight razor meant for hunting and others were like the trench knives. Until finally he pulled out a rather odd knife as the whole thing was curved with a metal iron ring at the bottom of the wooden hilt. The 6 inch blade was curved that reminded Rin of a bird's talon and it was covered by a leather guard. The clerk gave a smile as he seemed a bit sentimental about it. “Long ago there was a small group of farmers who used these things to help ward off bandits from plundering their harvest. It was rumored that they became monks to guard the Golden Temple. I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but this is the last one that i have.”

    Handing the curved knife over to Rin, the Uchiha gave it an inspection such as testing how it feels in his hands. At first it felt awkward because the ring was in the way where his pinkie is supposed to be. Of course he slipped his pinkie through the ring, but it still felt a bit off. Then Rin shifted his grip to where the blade was essentially held downside with his index finger through the ring and his fingers curled around the hilt. Suddenly Rin's inspiration clicked as it felt right in place. For he wouldn't need fear of accidentally dropping it because of his index finger hooked through the ring and the blade curved towards his arm. For this he would need to practice on, but on a later date. “Alright, how much for it?” Rin asked and immediately the clerk responded with 3k.

    It was surprisingly cheap, but Rin still managed to haggle the merchant to lower the price by 25%. So Rin happily paid the man 2,250 ryo for the karambit. Afterwards Rin will depart for the other stores to purchase two small bottles of ink, an ink brush, and 2 blank small scrolls. So in total Rin spent 3,188 for the iron karambit now tucked at his right rear of his belt, 2 small pots of ink, an ink brush, and 2 small blank scrolls.

    Once Rin made the last purchase, Rin formed a tiger seal to conjure exactly 3 shadow clones before proceeding to suppress his energy from sensor's view. Then while the three clones went their own way, Rin walked to return to the hotel for the day.

    Used Shadow Clone x3
    Used Chakra Suppression

    [3 Shadow Clones Exit]

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