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    Stocking Up

    Andariel Bloodworth
    Andariel Bloodworth

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    Stocking Up Empty Stocking Up

    Post by Andariel Bloodworth on Mon Dec 17, 2018 1:14 am

    Natsuru, after returning to her family's manor to freshen up and then checking out the Penthouse she wanted to buy some goods to stock up the fridge and pantries. Natsuru was no cook, so the grocery store was useless. For prepared food there was no better place than Ayano's cafe. Entering the establishment Natsuru approached the counter. "Good morning. I have quite an order to place. Feel free to take your time on it, but I am going to need it by tonight. I would like: ten bottles of wine, six pints of milk, thirteen bottles of water, five tins of black tea and five tins of green tea, six bottles of juice, six bottles of pop, six bottles of lemonade, a chocolate cake, six of your melon pan, two cheese pizzas, eight bento boxes, four orders of chili cheese fries, two cheeseburger and fry combos, and two buckets of spicy barbecue wings. That should total up to three-hundred thousand ryo, if I'm correct?" The shock of the woman would be met with more when Natsuru opened her wallet to have the necessary funds on her. Clearly this woman wasn't joking. After making the exchange and waiting patiently Masuyo was greeted with a staff of employees ready to transfer the food. They followed Natsuru back to the penthouse.


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