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    Shimiko Chinoike
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    Post by Shimiko Chinoike on Wed Oct 17, 2018 7:56 pm

    Shimiko had important duties as a member of ANBU Black Ops. One of her duties included managing her own investigatory caseload. She had specifically requested to be on the Jehoshaphat Investigation. Her superiors balked at first as they were hesitant to give her a case in which she was so close to the fight's participants. They were worried her relationship with Ryuko and Natsuru would cloud her judgment. After weeks of fighting, they relented and she had made a point of bottling her emotions when the subject of the fight itself came up. On the outside she had a veneer of detached and objective commitment but on the inside she boiled with rage and hatred for Shiroi, Bayushi the traitor, and Nozomi. She had read and re-read the intelligence reports and briefings on the Jehoshaphat Valley attack. It killed her inside that she had not been there to back up her fellow Thundercats and she swore bloody vengeance on Tailed Bitch. The terrorists were notoriously difficult to track down or even find information on. Kumo ANBU had been looking for leads for months and the best they were able to scrounge up were rumors and reports of attacks well after they had occurred. Shimiko had grown impatient with the investigation's lack of progress and had decided to take matters into her own hands. The seedy underbelly of the criminal world had bubbled to the surface of Kumogakure. Its urban growth had brought policing issues that they had only just begun to grapple with. Shimiko wasn't bothered as she and those she cared about were more than well equipped to dispatch the scum that filtered  out from Kabukicho. In fact she saw a rare opportunity in the new underworld that had sprouted in the city's bowels.

    Shimiko had heard of an organization that could be useful to her. It was an intelligence gathering firm that operated primarily through the use of sparrows. She felt the symbology was a bit on the nose but nevertheless she respected the idea. She was certain that the group could help her it was all a matter of arranging a meet-up. Shimiko penned a secret letter and dropped it off at one of the group's middle-men.  The letter would be attached to a sparrow which would then be sent to Mockingbird's base or whoever their requests were vetted and read.

    The letter read as follows:


    Dear Mockingbird,

    I am inteterested in engaging your services for the collection of an exobitant amount of intelligence and information on a single individual: Nozomi Himitsu. I wish to learn all you can find on her specifically pressure points, modus operandi, and sites of leverage and manipulation.

    Shimiko Chinoike


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