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    Site Lore & Timeline Empty Site Lore & Timeline

    Post by Toonami & Konami on Sun Aug 06, 2017 4:39 pm

    Sage Pre-History

    Many years ago, one-thousand years before the present time, there were two brothers born to the Rabbit Goddess, Kaguya  Ōtsutsuki. This goddess came from the stars with a beast sealed inside of her that contained more power than anything on the Earth. Their names were Hagoromo and Hamura, one bearing extraordinary physical prowess inherited from his mother while the other displayed a powerful dojutsu in the form of the Byakugan. Both brothers inherited incredible chakra from their mother, though Hagoromo's was larger and stronger in comparison to his brother.

    After spending several years in seclusion, Hagoromo had developed a philosophy and spiritual art known as "Ninshū". He had his brother Hamura traveled the world instructing the world in this art seeking to enlighten humanity through supernatural means. Eventually, their mother returned to the shinobi world as Jinchūriki of the Ten Tails. She brought death, destruction, and ruination to many before the brothers were able to finally destroy her. The Ten-Tails was sealed into Hagoromo giving him a divine and godlike appearance that would cement his status as a mythical hero in the shinobi world.

    Hamura would go on to sire many children, some of whom would be the progenitors of the world's strongest shinobi clans including: the Senju, Hozuki, Inazuma, Hyuga, Tetsudashi and Kazehana. Hagoromo had no children during his lifetime and instead continued to teach the art of Ninshū for as long as he lived. He appointed five disciples to carry on his message and to ensure that his art was not used for nefarious ends. He split the Ten Tails into 9 separate Bijuu who were entrusted to the disciples. The Sage's Five Disciples would live long, prosperous, and influential lives. Each of the five major nations were named after a disciple's corresponding signature element. Unfortunately, as time went on the disciples passed away and when they did they would leave behind a generation of shinobi that had never known the Sage's glory firsthand.

    This would usher in a period of war and instability known as the Era of Warring Clans.

    Era of Warring Clans

    The next era would see the rising and falling of various nation-states and empires. Major shinobi clans formed powerful alliances and fought bitterly over resources and territory. The Kazehana Clan (Magnet Release) dominated the Wind and Earth Country for a long period of time. The Uchiha and Hyuuga fought in the Land of Fire for supremacy, banding together only to repel foreign invasions. The Lightning Country was ruled by the Inazuma Clan (Storm Release) who excelled in naval trade and often ran afoul of their rivals the Hozuki Clan in the Water Country. The two battled for naval supremacy constantly throughout the years.

    The Modern Era

    Eventually, the constant instability and destruction wrought by the warring shinobi clans caused a shift in the political scene. Clans within the same country banded together to form a more stable and organized system of governance that emphasized nationalism rather than familial ties. The Hozuki were the first to declare a ninja village by the name of Kirigakure. This was followed by the founding of Iwagakure, Kumogakure, and finally Konohagakure. Each village was led by a supreme military commander known as the Kage. The village also swore fealty to the feudal political leader of their country: the Daimyou. Those smaller nations adjacent to the larger countries formed their own governments based on this model. The transition to the modern system of shinobi government has caused an uneasy peace to settle on the ninja world. However, with each nation vying for dominance and superiority the threat of war is ever-present...

    The above represents an abbreviated version of our site's lore. If you want the longer version of the story complete with more intricate details click the spoiler below!


    The Sage Prehistory

    Many years ago, one-thousand years before the present time, there were two brothers born to the Rabbit Goddess, Kaguya  Ōtsutsuki. This goddess came from the stars with a beast sealed inside of her that contained more power than anything on the Earth. Their names were Hagoromo and Hamura, one bearing extraordinary physical prowess inherited from his mother while the other displayed a powerful dojutsu in the form of the Byakugan. Both brothers inherited incredible chakra from their mother, though Hagoromo's was larger and stronger in comparison to his brother.

    As the brothers grew, they trained themselves to control their own inner chakra. Their mother approved of this, planning a future for her sons destined for failure. By the time the boys were men, they had mastered their own bodies in ways men had never heard of before. They were faster, stronger, and more perceptive than everybody around them. The most skilled warriors of the time paled in comparison to the brothers, and the two reveled in their accomplishments as they entered the prime of their lives.

    The legends say that the eldest brother, Hagoromo, got in a violent fight at an inn one night. He was drunk when the fight happened, and by the end of it there was only one man left standing in the entire inn; Hagoromo. The short encounter sobered him up somewhat and the weight of the carnage he had inflicted greatly troubled him, driving him into seclusion for many years. Hamura searched for his brother to no avail, anguished at the sudden loss. This emotional state led to the evolution of the Byakugan within Hamura's eyes to be more powerful than that of any living Hyuga as the reaction of his powerful chakra to his desire to find his brother. Even these eyes did not help him in the end, as Hagoromo did not wish to be found.

    During his seclusion, he meditated on why he possessed the skills he did. The Sage asked many questions of himself, and did not come back to society until he had found an answer for them all. His body matured during this extensive meditation, taking a similar mutation path with his brother Hamura. His eyes, however, formed into the fabled Rinnegan only known of in this very legend. When he returned, his brother confronted him as he would have in the days of their early youth. Hagoromo did not respond negatively or aggressively to his brother. He instead spoke to him, and so awed was Hamura by his brother's intense wisdom that for fifty days and fifty nights he would listen to everything his brother had learned in his time alone.

    The two ceased their arrogant and youthful ways, journeying the land together and teaching their ways about the world and of the nature of chakra to those who would listen. They believed that chakra had existed in all forms of life as a way to connect to each other on a closer level, perhaps as a sixth sense that devolved as men grew more independent from each other and formed more unique sects and mindsets. They were simply utilizing this lost power to return their bodies to the state in which in should always have been in.

    Soon their following was increasing faster than they ever could have anticipated. The two roamed and taught, many of their disciples following after them to hear more of what the two brother's were teaching. The brothers decided to call this art "Ninshū", reveling in the joy of helping others connect to their fellow man. Legend also says that of the two, Hagoromo was the one closest to being truly in tune with the world around him. Hamura only followed and taught the teachings of his brother, never coming to realize many of these things for himself. Because of this, the two brothers still frequently had discussions and arguments with each other about various things. Hamura would seal away the chakra of any who used chakra in a negative way utilizing the gifts of his eyes. Hagoromo disagreed with this, believing somewhat naively that men could all become good if given enough time.

    Many years into their new life of teaching man to be good to each other, a group of survivors from a village in the south came to beg the two brothers to rid their land of the demon which was wrecking havoc on their beloved home. When asked about what the demon looked like, the peasants told them that it took the form of a beast with ten tails. Then they described a woman who sounded remarkably like their mother forming from the demon before laying waste to the rest of the country. The brothers did not hesitate long in accepting their pleas, setting aside their pacifist nature in order to protect their fellow man from an evil they were powerless to stop. This is how the Land of Wind, once a fertile plain, came to be the desert it is now.

    When the two brothers travelled to the Land of Wind, they found no demons or goddesses. Only sand and survivors. Following her trail of destruction, the two brothers cornered their mother in the Land of Stone. This hilly land had been home to a forest connected with the one in the Land of Fire before this titanic clash occurred, and when it was over the Land of Stone was ripped apart and morphed into the harsh and forbidding landscape that the people of today recognize. The two brothers barely managed to rip the immense power present within their mother, producing the beast of legend known as the Juubi. With their mother dead from the battle, the two brothers then had to battle the newly released demon. Again the brothers would triumph, sealing the demon inside of Hagoromo as he was the stronger of the two brothers. This possession transformed the Sage's appearance into that with which he is most frequently associated with and increased the amount of power present in this one man to mythical levels.

    Hagoromo had no children in this life, focusing all of his life and time on teaching Ninshū to all those he could reach after his battle with his mother. He gave the gift of chakra to man again, setting the foundations for what was to become the shinobi arts unbeknownst to him. This is a sick perversion of what he had hoped it would be used for however, as the Sage wished for men to use chakra as a way to connect with each other and to make the world a better place. Instead, they used it to wage war and massacre each other after he had passed. It was with these gifts of chakra that those who were specially attuned to it first became apparent. The children of Hamura that Hagoromo taught developed the Byakugan like their ancestor, forging their own clan. In time, the Sharingan would mutate from one branch of the Hyuga family and would form the Uchiha clan. The most notable awakenings in this first generation were the progenators of the Senju, the Hozuki, the Inazuma, the Hyuga, Tetsudashi and the Kazehana. More would evolve as men intermingled, creating the vast assortment of clans and abilities present now.

    The Sage was no fool though, expecting some to pervert his teachings at some point. To this end, he chose five disciples that he considered his most gifted. To them, he gave each one of the nine bijuu he had created as he neared the end of his life out of the massive power of the Ten-Tailed Demon. Kurama, Hachibi, Ichibi, Matatabi, and Son Goku were the five chosen, with the other four left in their care after the Sage passed. When it was his time to go, the Sage manifested his chakra and spread it throughout the world to awaken the chakra of all those whom he had yet to reach. In an instant, the world was forever changed. The five sages inherited some of this power, granting them the title of the strongest on the planet.

    These five disciples possessed abilities exceeding the shinobi of legend, themselves below only the Sage in their capabilities. Each had mastered one form of Ninshū as an element and are told to have been unbeatable with the weapon of their choice. Hohoni, a master with knives and katon. Jōki, a master of Suiton and the katana. Yaburenai, the master of doton and the staff. Raiun, a master over all types of swords and the master of raiton. And the youngest disciple, Harikēn, the master of fuuton and of bows.

    These five disciples kept watch over distinct parts of the continent while also continuing to spread the teachings of the Sage through their instruction. The communicated with each other frequently and met as often as possible. With these five came the five major countries and their primary elements, each disciple teaching the one that they had mastered to those they found worthy. They also created the arts of Ijutsu and Genjutsu, intending not to harm somebody with illusions but to instead put them into a peaceful state of mind. With these arts, they managed to extend their lifespan to more than a century utilizing lost means.

    With them alive, the land continued to exist in relative peace. The golden age Hagoromo had started continued for generations until the last disciple was breathing his last. He was known as Hihoni, the Fire Disciple, and was the most powerful of the five. When he died and control of the five nations was passed to those who had never known the Sage, the Age of Warring Clans would begin. For more than seven-hundred years the various people on the shinobi continent killed each other over petty disagreements and small tracts of land.

    Age of Warring Clans

    Empires rose and fell, the first appearing in the Land of Fire immediately after the death of Hihoni. It was ruled by the Hyuga and possessed the Land of Fire, Land of Wind and the small nation nestled between the two presently. The clan ruled for two-hundred years before the split of Uchiha from the Hyuga weakened the clan too much and caused a civil war to break out between the two future great nations.

    The last true empire, and the greatest of them all, was that ruled by the Kazehana two-hundred years before current time. They possessed the mighty Magnet Releae kekkei genkai and ruled what would become the Lands of Wind, Earth, Sound, and the smaller nations on their border with the Land of Fire. This empire was held tenuously at bay by a coalition of other great clans to come to the aid of one another should they be attacked by the Kazehana. Seventy years before the current timeline, this empire would collapse and the Kazehana would be restricted to ruling in the Land of Wind while the Land of Stone declared its independence.

    The collapse of the Kazehana Empire led to a vacuum of power in many places. In the village of Iwagakure, the Nature Clan that had been in control as a puppet administration under the Kazehana attempted to maintain control. They resorted to violent and brutal methods since there were no longer restrictions on them by a more powerful government. This led to many clans in the Land of Stone allying together after years of this, plunging the land into a civil war only a handful of years after its freedom. The Nature Clan was all but eradicated, with a few survivors being integrated into the other clans and even less escaping into the neighboring lands to settle away from their homeland. A daimyō was elected from amongst the most respected elders of this alliance to manage trade and levies for the alliance. In this fashion, half of the Land of Stone came to exist under one power while the other half remained embroiled in the feuds of small lords.

    Simultaneously to this, the Hozuki clan had established a large trade hub in the archipelago to the east that would become Kirigakure decades from then and had built a large fleet with the profits. Their control was absolute with piracy being nonexistant. However, their control over the water forced towns and villages to pay their extortionate tolls in order to use the sea to trade. With wealth came power, and soon other clans were moving into this trading hub until it eventually became a village of its own right. Not to the size of a hidden village, not yet, but the wealth of the Hozuki kept the village afloat during any and all hard times other clans on the mainland may have been suffering at the time. They bribed numerous clans to cease fighting and simply focus on protecting their ships as they travelled on the sea, beginning to unite the pirate clans of the archipelago into one authority.

    In the Land of Fire, the Hyuga and Uchiha were contstantly fighting for supremacy. For generations the two clans had been fighting to get ahold of the other's kekkei genkai to see what made the Sharingan mutate from it. As far as either clan claims, neither has been able to succeed in obtaining an eye of the other clan. Wars between the two powerful clans were commonplace, happening once every couple generations at their longest. The Senju were the only clan powerful enough to challenge either, and in this position of strength the Senju chose to hire themselves out as mercenaries to whichever clan had the funds to do so at the time. They built a fortune out of doing this, flipping contracts between clans for well over sixty years. They would also be the first of the three to realize that what they were doing was creating far more chaos in the world than it was worth. With the constantly shifting balance of power between Uchiha and Hyuga in the Land of Fire, other clans were affected in secondary fashions. The entire land had been suffering for decades before the formation of Konohagakure, declining constantly even before the Kazehana Empire fell. It was the Senju who would, eventually, call for peace.

    In Kumogakure, the Inazuma clan dominate roughly half of the land. They were the bearers of the powerful Storm Release kekkei genkai, though they preferred to trade rather than go to war. They were trading in the north sea before the Hozuki had even found the archipelago for Kirigakure's future formation, and had expanded their territory by bribery to the south-eastern sea in direct competition with the Hozuki. They were driven out with overwhelming numbers and price gouging, forced to keep their trade in the north. The lesser clans benefitted from this trade, as the Inazuma traded with everybody and were seen in a positive light by most people save the Hozuki.

    In Sunagakure, the Kazehana managed to retain control of most of the Land of Wind. The southern fringes and smaller kingdoms between them and the Land of Fire broke off when the Land of Stone broke free, contributing to the shattering of Kazehana power. The family and their capitol city was ruined by the economic debilitation suffered and one-quarter of the populaiton emigrated to somewhere with better prospects. For two generations the Kazehana struggled to maintain control over what they still held with any hope of recovering the rest out of the question. It was their luck that nobody else on the continent had the power to contest him in a war since they themselves were just getting established in their respective lands. When the Land of Stone elected a daimyō, the Kazehana decided it would be best to follow suit as that would open up some more diplomatic options with other clans in the Land of Wind. They "elected" Mitsuke Kazehana as daimyō. He did not possess the bloodline, but he did possess a mind as sharp as it was wise.

    The Modern Era

    These trying times were the climax of the warring era, and after all of this came to be the warfare would begin to die down in most places. Thirty years before the current timeline, the Hozuki in the archipelago declared themselves masters over all the islands in name and title. This was backed up by their immense fleet and a treasury that would make Midas blush. The Inazuma decried this as blasphemy, as holding such a monopoly in those lands would forever crush the hope of trade for any other clan. This led to the first major war over trade on the continent, and it was a long and bloody conflict. The Hozuki lost in the end, weak to the Inazuma kekkei genkai. They were forced to allow Inazuma ships to trade alongside the Hozuki vessels after the peace was signed but keeping their ownership of the archipelago, ending ten years of bloodly conflict. All around the land, clans watched this brutal war. Neither clan was really the same after, and the effects still linger to this day. The Kirgakure fleet is not as large as it used to be, and the Hozuki power is somewhat diminished while the Inazuma have a slightly tarnished reputation for being bloodthirsty in their generations old feud with the Hozuki. Likely a successful smear campaign on behalf of the Hozuki's funds.

    Despite these losses, the Hozuki would be the first to declare itself as a hidden village twenty years before the current timeline. They named it Kirigakure and established the first centralized example of a united shinobi power. A daimyō was elected to rule the land in the form of the Hozuki clan head. Many of those with the kekkei genkai were kept in the military to aid in defense rather than as trade moguls, their skills useful there instead of elsewhere. Much of the Hozuki still traded however, keeping the empire well and alive. The daimyō established the First Mizukage, Ayame Hozuki, soon after being instated. Ayame would be killed over a decade later by Nikuyo Yuki who would attain the title of Second Mizukage after this.

    In the Land of Stone, decades of control under a daimyō had led to the current boundaries of the Land of Stone coming into existence. Word of the Hozuki experiment with a "hidden village" intrigued this daimyō and he ordered the formation of one for his country. Thus, Iwagakure was born two years after Kirigakure's formation. Hòu Zhuān, a Muramatsu, was elected as First Tsuchikage two years after the formation of Kirigakure. He was sixty at the time and wise, though as the years wore on his mind slipped away and he began a descent into insanity that he can barely keep away from the public. Rumors began to circulate of him babbling to himself as he walks the streets, seemingly arguing with somebody who isn't there. Unfortunately, The Tsuchikage's battle prowess had not deteriorated and those who challenged him for the position via combat were systematically obliterated by the Dust Release user. Eventually, Zhuān's senility grew too intolerable to ignore after he forced his military to declare war on a mountain and insisted on promoting his favorite horse to the position of ANBU commander. He was persuaded to resign by his longtime friend and confidant, Nee-san Tetsudashi. Nee-san would then go on to succeed Zhuān as the Second Tsuchikage.

    In the Land of Lightning, the Inazuma brought their trade league together to answer the centralization of the Land of Water and the Land of Stone. These were the Land of Lightning's biggest rivals, and without grouping together they had no chance of success in the forseeable future. Seigi, himself not an Inazuma, managed to bring together the clans of the land with the Inazuma propping him up as their chosen leader. Instead of becoming head of the newly founded Kumogakure, the Inazuma got to move one of their own into power as the daimyō of the Land of Lightning. A worthy trade off in the minds of the clan elders. And so Kumogakure came to be, 5 years after the formation of Kirigakure, an answer to their rivals that could not be ignored.

    In the Land of Fire, the Senju worked with the lesser clans to draw up a truce for the Uchiha and Hyuga to form their own hidden village for protection against the numerous centralized forces that were being formed. After decades of hate, the two clans knew that a truce would be required lest both be wiped out by a stronger force. Thus, ten years after Kirigakure's formation, Konohagakure would be formed by the Hyuga, Uchiha, and Senju with many smaller clans joining. A daimyō was elected from a minor clan to prevent power squabbles among the Big Three, providing a somewhat easier transition. It immediately became the most populous and most productive of any of the hidden villages and the power of the clans within provided a frightening military presence. This is likely why no wars have been declared since the formation of all the hidden villages, as the First Hokage, Kazuya Uchiha, has said he would come to the aid of the defender in any such case. This is not only his feeling, but that of his entire village. The old leaders were still living in many clans, and they have no desire to return to the wars of their youth. This peace is likely tenuous despite the Hokage's declaration, as the nature of man cannot allow peace.

    Last, the Kazehana Empire in the Land of Wind with their puppet of a daimyō decided they would rename their capitol "Sunagakure" twelve years after Kirigakure's formation to establish the fifth and last of the five major hidden villages. Things remained much the same with Shin Kazehana leader of the Kazehana Clan becoming the First Kazekage. All around the land, clans who did not wish to be a part of this organization or those who wished to form their own village settled minor kingdoms and hidden villages. None could compete with the power of the major five on their own, but they provided buffer states so that the major villages couldn't actively try to kill each other right after being formed.

    The last eight years have been used to set up and plan long term for many of these powers, with each wishing to be the strongest out of all of them. For the first time, they're capable of spreading their power further than the lands they occupy to begin their mercenary services in full. The era of warring clans is over, with the era of shinobi soon to begin.

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    Site Lore & Timeline Empty Re: Site Lore & Timeline

    Post by Toonami & Konami on Sun Aug 06, 2017 4:50 pm

    This timeline will be using 930 A.S as the starting year counting the year of the Sage's death as the first year. The timeline will begin at the death of the last Disciple, though this is still considered LEGEND within our universe just like the Sage of Six Paths.

    Lore Timeline

    • 132 A.S- Hihoni dies, prompting the clans within the continents to begin executing their plans for domination of the land.

    • 135 A.S- The Hyuga finish their conquest of the Land of Fire, moving towards the Land of Wind immediately after.

    • 137 A.S- The last independent clans of the Land of Wind fall under the heel of Hyuga control while clans in the northern part of the continent forge an alliance to keep the Hyuga checked. This is the official start of the Hyuga Empire.

    • 189 A.S- The Hyuga attempt a foray into the Land of Stone with the largest army seen on the continent up until that point.

    • 190 A.S- The Hyuga lose a decisive battle and are driven back into the Land of Fire. The Tetsudashi asserts its dominance over the other clans in the Land of Stone by not partaking in the fighting and declaring war on the weakend clans after their war with the Hyuga. Most of the Land of Stone falls under their control.

    • 220 A.S- The Land of Stone is united under the Tetsudashi, providing a constant check to Hyuga power. The Hyuga finish putting down the last rebellions that would happen under their rule, this one led by the famous Senju. The Inazuma in Kumogakure begin trading in the Northern Sea.

    • 351 A.S- The Uchiha and Hyuga split, urging clans within the Land of Wind led by (Scorch Clan) into open rebellion once again. Thus begins centuries of war between the two clans.

    • 353 A.S- The Land of Wind officially breaks from the control of the Hyuga, with the northern half falling completely under control of (Scorch Clan). Uchiha take control of south-west of the Land of Fire, aided by the (Scorch Clan).

    • 354 A.S- Hyuga Empire officially collapses, with the Hyuga family maintaining control of the northern half of the Land of Fire and the Uchiha most of the south.

    • 360 A.S- The Tetsudashi moves to invade the weakened Hyuga, forces them into vassalage.

    • 361 A.S- The Tetsudashi conquers the rest of the Land of Stone as well as surrounding minor territories. The "Iron Empire" begins.

    • 410 A.S- The Tetsudashi Clan invades Uchiha held Land of Fire.

    • 412 A.S- Uchiha drive out invaders and liberate northern Land of Fire, creating the Scarlet Kingdom.

    • 420 A.S- Scarlet Kingdom leader assassinated, kingdom splits into numerous smaller parts. Iron Empire begins to see rebellions by The Muramatsu Clan and (Nature Clan) in northern provinces.

    • 431 A.S- Iron Empire surrenders to rebellion leaders, land split into numerous territories. The Inazuma use this opportunity to monopolize trade in the North Sea and expand their influence to encompass the western half of the Land of Lightning.

    • 464 A.S- The Hozuki take complete control of one of the islands in the Archipelago of Kirigakure and expand their trade to more than local areas.

    • 465 A.S- The Kazehana begin years worth of plans by assassinating and bribing various clan heads and seizing control of the southern two-thirds of the Land of Wind. (Scorch Clan) resists in the northern third.

    • 469 A.S- The Kazehana take control of entire Land of Wind after bloody civil war. The economy enters a depression.

    • 490 A.S- Land of Wind enters a period of relative stability under the Kazehana Emirate.

    • 507 A.S- Senju begin hiring themselves out to clans in the Land of Fire as mercenaries for hire. The Inazuma attempt to take land in the eastern half of the Land of Fire and are driven back by what is believed to have been an Eight-Tails Jinchuuriki.

    • 512 A.S- Kazehana Emirate invades smaller territories to the north of the Land of Wind.

    • 521 A.S- Northern territories fall, Kazehana Emirate expands at the cost of more lives. Plans to invade the Land of Fire never happen due to the cost of the war.

    • 537 A.S- Hozuki family is now recognized as the richest family in the archipelago, with their influence felt on every island.

    • 541 A.S- Kazehana attempt first attack into the Land of Stone.

    • 545 A.S- The Muramatsu Clan repels Kazehana's attack with the aid of many other, smaller clans. The Muramatsu Clan creates the Republic of Stone as a constant deterrence to the Kazehana.

    • 565 A.S- Kazehana clan leader assassinated by his son, causing a civil war over inheritance between three brothers.

    • 571 A.S- Land of Wind is united under second brother.

    • 575 A.S- Northern territories are recovered for Kazehana Emirate. Sarutobi clan conquers the Land of Sound as well as a few surrounding territories to establish a minor kingdom.

    • 590 A.S- Republic of Stone incorporates dozens of other clans, increasing their strength by almost half. Hyuga establish a large feudal territory in the north-west of the Land of Fire.

    • 592 A.S- Uchiha take control of south-west of Land of Fire, with the Senju maintaining a small tract of land in the central part of the country.

    • 596 A.S- Kazehana attempt to invade the Uchiha held Land of Fire. Senju answer call to arms. Hyuga do not.

    • 600 A.S- Kazehana officially retreat and a truce is reached. Hyuga use this opportunity to attack the vulnerable Uchiha. Senju again answer call to arms. Hozuki continue their expansion.

    • 603 A.S- Inazuma reach a trade agreement with the last clan in the Land of Lightning which did not currently have one with them already.

    • 612 A.S- Kazehana Emirate establishes a long term bed of spies into the Republic of Stone.

    • 615 A.S- Fighting between Hyuga and Uchiha stop. Land of Fire enters economic downturn from the damage.

    • 643 A.S- Kazehana spies are successful in their coup attempt, turning roughly half of the Land of Stone over to them.

    • 644 A.S- Sarutobi clan forms alliance with Hyuga clan. Both agree to defend any territory the Kazehana invaded in the Land of Fire.

    • 653 A.S- Kazehana invade the rest of the Land of Stone.

    • 658 A.S- Kazehana Emirate is successful in their invasion, with the Emir declaring his lands the "Kazehana Empire".

    • 670 A.S- Kazehana Empire begins numerous attempts at breaking the eastern wall of clans that had declared the Kazehana their biggest threat.

    • 681 A.S- Kazehana Empire retreats into their borders after unexpected death of the Emperor. It entered a state of turmoil as a regency was declared for his infant son. The Hozuki fight and destroy the largest pirate fleet in the archipelago, a major turning point in the course of its history. Piracy begins to decline after this point.

    • 687 A.S- Uchiha inflict major diplomatic insult by nulling the engagement of their heiress to the Senju clan heir. Hyuga begin engaging in talks with Senju clan head.

    • 691 A.S- Hyuga marry their second daughter to Senju clan heir, cementing an alliance between the two clans.

    • 699 A.S- Uchiha and Hyuga engage in another all out war instead of just their usual petty tussles. The Sarutobi and Senju both enter on the side of the Hyuga.

    • 701 A.S- Nature Clan slaughters a village of mostly farmers who could not pay taxes in the Land of Stone. A minor rebellion springs up as the new Emperor takes the throne.

    • 703 A.S- Rebellion in Land of Stone is now considered a major rebellion, funded by the Inazuma in Kumogakure in a bid to weaken the Kazehana Empire as they had been infringing in their trade in the North Sea.

    • 706 A.S- The Kotōshura Clan is hired by Inazuma to move from Land of Fire to Land of Stone to fight on behalf of the rebels. Senju betray the Hyuga and side with their original allies, the Uchiha, after a hefty bribe from the Uchiha.

    • 709 A.S- Sarutobi clan head is assassinated and much of the clan killed by a coup led by Kidōmaru's Clan. Sarutobi flee into Land of Fire.

    • 710 A.S- Hyuga and Uchiha call another truce. Inazuma inherit land in the north of the Land of Lightning due to their numerous diplomatic marriages and interclan ties. Land of Lightning has not seen a war in eighty years.

    • 711 A.S- Rebellion in the Land of Stone is finally crushed by Kazehana Empire. The Inazuma embargo the newly reformed Empire. The Hozuki influence expands to roughly one-quarter of the islands in the archipelago. They begin to bribe smaller pirate crews rather than fight them.

    • 734 A.S- Famine strikes the Land of Fire, the Land of Wind, and the Land of Lightning due to a pestilence of insects. Millions will die in the aftermath.

    • 762 A.S- Hyuga and Uchiha go to war again, with the Sarutobi staying out of this war. The Senju do not immediately join.

    • 763 A.S- Senju join on the side of the Uchiha.

    • 765 A.S- Senju are bribed by Hyuga to attack the Uchiha, leading to the death of the entire Uchiha royal family.

    • 766 A.S- Uchiha cede one-third of their territory to the Senju to coax them into fighting on their behalf again.

    • 770 A.S- Uchiha and Hyuga declare peace. The Kazehana declare war on the Inazuma after escalations due to the embargo.

    • 776 A.S- Inazuma and Kazehana Empire declare peace, with the Inazuma gaining a small territory in the Land of Stone.

    • 781 A.S- Kazehana Empire invades Inazuma again.

    • 783 A.S- Kazehana Empire and Inazuma declare peace, with the small territory ceded in the previous war returning to the Kazehana Empire. The Hozuki establish a small territory on the coast of the Land of Fire.

    • 793 A.S- Nara and Yamanaka clans invade the Hozuki territory on the mainland.

    • 795 A.S- The Hozuki withdraw back to the archipelago. The Nara establish a minor kingdom on the south-east coast of the Land of Fire with the Yamanaka and Akimichi clan serving as nobles within.

    • 801 A.S- Kazehana Emperor dies; the "Bloody Emir" ascends the throne.

    • 810 A.S- Kazehana Emperor orders the assassination of 43 different clan heads throughout the empire. 34 succeed.

    • 812 A.S- The first assassination attempt is made on the Bloody Emir. In retaliation he exterminated the Yuna clan in the Land of Stone.

    • 823 A.S- After a reign of complete lunacy, the Bloody Emir is assassinated after 12 previous attempts. A cousin of his line is elected by various nobles to ascend the throne.

    • 835 A.S- Small parts of the Northern Territories break from the Kazehana Empire, backed by the Hyuga and Senju. The Hozuki power encompasses one-third of the archipelago at this point, and the Inazuma have begun eyeing the waters to their south.

    • 854 A.S- Funded by the Inazuma, the Land of Stone revolts against the Kazehana Empire.

    • 858 A.S- The Uchiha and Hyuga declare war on each other again. The Senju join on the side of the Hyuga. The Inazuma begin to trade in the southern sea in direct competition with the Hozuki.

    • 860 A.S- The Land of Stone assumes its independence from the Kazehana Empire and splits into one half controlled under a daimyo while the other half was split between numerous minor warlords. Nature Clan nearly eradicated, with survivors retreating to various lands on the continent. What remained of the Kazehana Empire in the Land of Wind entered an economic depression with much of its high population emigrating to other lands.

    • 861 A.S- Hozuki establish their trade hub and would begin their era of true dominance over trade in their waters. Inazuma are driven out completely.

    • 863 A.S- Hyuga and Uchiha declare peace.

    • 864 A.S- The Kazehana, in a bid to try and appear like they could change to encourage people to stay, elected their own daimyō and renamed themselves the "Sand Kingdom."

    • 900 A.S- The Hozuki seize complete control of the archipelago and declare themselves a kingdom. This absolute dominance, far beyond a monopoly, stirred the Inazuma to action.

    • 901 A.S- The Hozuki and Inazuma declare war on each other, beginning the first major naval conflict seen on the continent.

    • 908 A.S- The Hozuki are defeated by the Inazuma and a truce is called. The Hyuga and Uchiha declare war on each other for the final time. The Senju join neither clan.

    • 910 A.S- Kirigakure is formed.

    • 912 A.S- Iwagakure is formed.

    • 915 A.S- Kumogakure is formed.

    • 920 A.S- Konohagakure is formed.

    • 922 A.S- The Kazehana Empire reforms itself into Sungakure.

    • 930 A.S- Sunagakure and Iwagakure collapse due to internal dysfunction. [Site Starting Year]

    • 931 A.S- The Lightning Country is attacked by a strange pale woman. Several nations mobilize to engage her and the ensuing battle ends in a draw. The woman is later identified as Honiko Yoshidara, leader of a mysterious terrorist organization known as the Enlightened Society of Rebirth and Reordering.

      934 A.S- The Empire of Kirigakure is founded after a series of local conquests initiated by Mizukage Takeo Yuki and continued by his successor Kyoji Hoshigaki. The Blood Prison is attacked by the Enlightened Society of Rebirth and Reordering. As a result, the prison is destroyed and hundreds of criminals and anomalous creatures are released. Nozomi Himitsu is declared Winner of the First Shinobi World Tournament. Ken Tetsudashi conquers the Land of Demons in what is widely considered to be the most brutal military campaign in shinobi history. While on his way to the Land of Waterfalls, Nidaime Hokage Satomi Uchiha is assassinated. Shimiko Chinoike convinces Sandaime Raikage Nariko Mizushima to legalize Orthodox Jashinism. This is the first time in history a Major Nation has legalized the Jashinist religion. Kurama re-awakens from underneath the earth in the outskirts of the Fire Country. Yui Kotoshura and Rin Uchiha lead a sortie against the Kyuubi and with the help of an unlikely ally, they manage to subdue the beast. The Bijuu is then sealed inside Rin Uchiha.

      935 A.S- Sunagakure is revived as a fully functioning state. Nozomi Himitsu becomes leader of the Enlightened Society of Rebirth and Reordering. In a televised speech, she discloses several state secrets, chastises the Major Nations for their crimes, and issues a warning that vengeance is soon to follow. Chigetsu Hozuki is crowned Winner of the 935 A.S. Chuunin Exams. The Empire of Kirigakure sacks the Land of Iron and makes off with the nation's Exclusives and Artifacts. Yondaime Hokage Tatsu Kotoshura declares Akihiro Uchiha to be an international fugitive and a threat to world peace. Additionally, she reorganizes the Fire Country into the Nekoian Empire. Not long after, she is assassinated while in Kirigakure and her declarations are annulled. A member of the Society named Menza Sukiyama kidnaps the Nine-Tailed Jinchurikki Rin Uchiha. He gives an ultimatum to the Gokage in a taped message. He further threatens the world with destruction if his outrageous demands are not met. Eventually, Menza secures a deal with a mysterious benefactor and Rin is freed.  

    • 936 A.S- First Shinobi World War Begins. Carmine Quarantine Crisis, Meteor Wars, and Epsilon Eventuality are all fought during this time period. The Great Uchiha Clan Meeting occurs. Akari Uchiha gives Masaru Tetsudashi permission to declare Earth Country's independence from Fire Country. Ryuko Shizu von Rose becomes the Yondaime Raikage and is simultaneously crowned Queen of the Kingodm of Thunder.

    • 937 A.S. - Current Year. In a stark reversal of his predecessor's policy, Nanadaime Hokage Nyguyen Uchiha announces Earth Country's declaration of independence to be unlawful. Konoha and the Mountain Alliance attack then attack Iwa. Kumo intervenes on Iwa's side but ultimately the war is lost. Konoha and Iwa sign a peace treaty that provides an eventual path to independence. Damien Darhk is assassinated by the Mizukage and Mockingbird.  Kumogakure declares war on Kirigakure and Konohagakure declares war on Kumo.

    ~The Twins~

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