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    Character Reset Rules

    Shimiko Chinoike
    Shimiko Chinoike

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    Character Reset Rules Empty Character Reset Rules

    Post by Shimiko Chinoike on Wed Sep 26, 2018 8:22 pm

    Character Resets

    Occasionally it may become necessary to change your character's build. At Gladius we offer a free 1 time character reset. You may exercise this option at any point after your character's creation (keep in mind you have a free two week grace period after creation where you can make changes to your character application freely). You get a single reset in each of your character's lifetime. The only exceptions are the two week grace period and limited time free resets for major changes to site systems.

    The way the reset works is that all experience points from all of your stats are refunded to you and you can re-spend them as you see fit. All of your skill points are also refunded and may be re-spent as you see fit. You may conduct or re-do skill/stat trades. You may add and remove UAs as well. Finally, you can also drop or add new Restricteds or make other changes regarding Bloodline/Clan paths that are normally permanent once selected. To initiate a character reset you do so via an update specifying all of the changes you wish to make to your character.

    There are a few restrictions to Character Resets however.

    1. No adding or removing bloodlines/clans that your character possesses. This means that the skill points you spent on your KKG be it Doujutsu or elements are non-refundable.

    2. No using a character reset to switch villages.

    3. A small IC explanation for how this major change or reset in your character's capabilities came about.

    4. Resets are subject to staff review for abuse.


    Character Reset Rules P5_portrait_of_Anne_Takamaki27s_Phantom_Thief_outfit_without_mask


    • Strength: D
    • Constitution: D
    • Stamina: A++
    • Speed: A
    • Coordination: S
    • Intelligence:  B
    • Perception: A


    • 1x Kālīkoroshimasu
    • 1x Kālīkoroshimasu (Chakra Disruption Technology)
    • 10x Serrated Kunai
    • Six Sai of Serration
    • Badger's Claws
    • Chinowakugumi Armour (Snow Armour Technology)
    • Twin Tessen of Terror

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