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    Ayano Aishi
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    Post by Ayano Aishi on Wed Aug 08, 2018 3:35 am

    Given the popularity and new location of her establishment due to the village, or rather city's development, Ayano had been reaping in plenty of good reviews from travelers and locals alike. It was to no surprise. Kumogakure lacked diners that served a variety of dishes. Ayano traveled the world to diversify her knowledge in culinary. Although there were some exceptional places to eat within the village already a lot of them lacked the food diversity Ayano had. After hours, with the place cleaned up and everyone home there was one person who remained. Ayano sat in her office with her blinds closed and lamp turned on providing adequate lighting. A letter opener sat along her desk with several shavings of envelop paper on her desk as she sorted through each letter. There was one in particular which stood out among the rest. It was certainly official, having a wax seal granted by the Raikage herself. Ayano had an idea she would get to her sooner or later about her lack of activity.

    Breaking the wax seal she read what her predictions led to.

    Ms. Aishi,

    It has come to my understanding that you're no longer carrying on your duties as a shinobi, of which you did the bare minimum of beforehand. I would like to present you with a choice. There are 3 options at hand for you to consider, and a reply of which you'd like to take would be appreciated.

    Your first option is simply to do Guard duty once again. A few patrols here and there, some missions, the bare minimum, and I can keep you on as a shinobi, but I'll demote you down to Chuunin unless you show me a Jounin level effort. This is agreeable, as the workload is lessened, but you'd still be a member of the military, and hold some rank.

    Your second option is to hand in your resignation, and I'll accept it. It's a sorry loss of a Jounin, especially when we need everyone on hand, but I understand you are a shop owner now and may have other priorities. I'd like to have continued loyalty and respect from you, so I am amenable to letting you cease being a shinobi on good terms, although I won't give you any parting salary, as you have not been fulfilling your job to an adequate quality.

    The third and final option is to not resign, and continue to not do your job, at which point I will be forced to terminate you as repeatedly in contempt of your job. Termination of a Jounin, or any shinobi under my employ is never something I wish to do.
    Especially if in contempt of your job. We will seize your funds until the last point that you performed your job, remove you from the village at force if necessary, and take your property as part of our own. This is not an option I want to explore, and I would prefer if you didn't want to be a shinobi you simply resign.

    Please respond ASAP,
    Raikage Mizushima

    Ayano was a bit surprised how cold the Raikage could be, her last paragraph stating she would fully seize her property and even evict her from the village if Ayano did not give a response. "What an impressive threat. I will remember that." Opening her drawer she worked on her own reply pushing the Raikage's letter in the same pile with her other mail. Clicking her plunger she began to scribe her reply on a piece of ruled notepaper. After a minute of scribe her paper would look like this:

    To: Ms. Mizushima wrote:

    Ms. Mizushima,

    I have received your message regarding my activity as a Jounin. I appreciate your patience and consideration with your letter. I will be choosing to resign my position as Jounin, and retiring my Shinobi career.

    Thank you,

    Ayano Aishi

    After finishing her letter she would seal it in an envelop and set it in her outbox. The Raikage would receive her response the following day as business would resume as usual.


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