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    An Irresistible Deal

    Ayano Aishi
    Ayano Aishi

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    An Irresistible Deal  Empty An Irresistible Deal

    Post by Ayano Aishi on Sun May 20, 2018 12:58 am

    "I will accept." In a small office located in the downtown center of the Earth Construct was a young female investor seated in a cushioned armchair before an executive desk on an older gentleman dressed in a suit. Ayano is a remarkably average looking woman enough to be considered cute, though not much more. Standing roughly 5'5 and weighing 130 lbs she has a larger-than-average bust but not outstanding or absolutely demanding respect. Her fair skin is kept in rather pristine condition being smooth and moisturized daily with no visible tattoos, birthmarks, or scars on her body. Her natural charcoal gray eyes and hair gives her representation about her personality, which is the lack therefore of.

    She wears black dress shoes, a dark gray short skirt and dress top with long sleeves with a lapel on either side revealing a white undershirt. A small black bow is worn just below the collar of the undershirt. She has long dark gray hair which is typically curled towards the ends and two strands down both sides just far enough to rest on her bust. Her hair reaches down to mid-lower back level. This is topped with a single black headband worn keeping everything together. On her end of the table were three stacks of paper bills banded together in a white paper bind with "50k" printed in red ink all around. Ayano guided the stack of money towards the older man with the backs of her fingers as he broke the paper band and began counting the bills swiftly and accurately.

    A moment of silence no more than a minute occurred during this, Ayano staring at the bills with a stoic gaze as they were being separated, not having much to entertain herself with. "One-hundred and fifty thousand ryo. Congratulations, Ayano. You now own the lot. If we can discuss the-" The woman would interject before he could finish his thoughts with those of her own. "Yes. I already have my desired layout prepared. I will also like to have appliances install on the same day. How long will this process take?" The businessman reached out at the floor model Ayano prepared when preserved, the girl tilting the paper forwards to just get into his reach. The man scanned the plan with a hum. "Well with our services you can expect to have the building constructed in the next five days. I will get our contractors to start right away." Ayano would raise the corner of her mouth in a smile. "I will let you do your work, then." Ayano would stand from her seat after the man did, exchanging a hand shake before excusing herself from the building.

    With a good portion of her investment spent wisely, Ayano would head back to her house. This was simply a preparation for what she had planned. Having construction be started on her restaurant she needed to plan a budget, menu, and consider hiring qualified employees. She dreaded the interview process she had to expect. But she figured once that was taken care off everything else would be smooth sailing from then on.


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