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    Super Phun Thyme! Empty Super Phun Thyme!

    Post by Rin Matoi on Fri Mar 30, 2018 5:22 pm

    Hey y'all!

    Starting now we will be hosting the Easter Event for this Spring! This year's event will be based around the the Egg Hunt...

    Today, your character(s) currently in active topics will stumble across a single Easter Egg. This egg will be rated with an Uncommon prize. Active Topics will be defined as having a post within seven days. This means topics that have been stagnant and not received any posts within a week will not be considered for the Easter Event. However, posting or starting a new In-Character topic will make you eligible for the event.

    Upon receiving your initial Easter Egg this will allow you to hunt for more. The success for your egg hunt will be determined by the methods, stats, and skills of your character. However, as with anything RP-related, you may still find better quality eggs with successful RP.

    Let's Talk Prizes:

    Common Eggs: These eggs are solid in color with no design or unique features to them. They are the easiest to find with little challenge or risk attached. The color of these eggs determine the prize at the end of the event.

    Cyan, Pink, Green: 5,000 ryo prize
    Red, Yellow, Orange: 50 EXP prize

    Uncommon Eggs: Uncommon Eggs are what you will first receive at the start of this event. These are garnished with trimmings and design which make them more appeal, as well as more valuable. These eggs are more challenging to find, often requiring obscure methods and curiosity to stumble upon, or a higher base Perception. Having a little more risks, these eggs are well worth the struggle.

    Any color w/red or green stripes: 15,000 ryo prize
    Any color w/blue stripes: 20,000 ryo prize
    Any color w/pink stripes: 25,000 ryo prize

    Any color w/red or green zigzags: 100 EXP prize
    Any color w/blue zigzags: 150 EXP prize
    Any color w/pink zigzags: Supply for an A-rank or lower Enchantment OR Chemistry product


    Rare Eggs: The toughest and riskiest eggs to find. A high reward yield, these require very specific methods and/or a skill set designed for tracking, scouting, or hunting.

    Gold egg: 50,000 ryo prize
    Silver egg: 300 EXP prize
    Bronze egg: Supply for an S-rank or lower Enchantment OR Chemistry product.
    Platinum egg: Any Rare egg's prize along with 250 Fame.


    How to Play:

    Upon receiving your "invitation egg" you will have full authority to go on an egg hunt. Going on an egg hunt will stop your current crafting, mission, travel, etc progress. However, you will not suffer any penalties when doing so.

    To hunt for an egg, simply go on an adventure! Stray from your path, check in bushes, rivers, caves, nests, or anywhere you believe you will find an egg. Be sure to utilize your skills when doing in any way possible to increase your odds in finding an egg. Don't be afraid to try unconventional methods and have fun. And most importantly, don't get upset if you didn't find the egg you wanted!

    This event will last until next Sunday. On April 8th you will be able to claim all of your gathered eggs in your Character Updates topic for your prizes.


    Hidden around the forum are Easter key words. Finding them will grant an additional Common Egg upon your next find (for instance, you find four special key words on the forum and notify me through Discord private messaging. When your character finds his/her next egg through hunting, you will find the four other eggs you deserve for discovering the key words.) There are five key words.

    DO NOT CHEAT. Anybody found sharing the key word locations will have all of their eggs taken and prohibited from participating in the event. Those who notify me of a cheater will instead take all of the cheater's eggs for their integrity.

    Happy Hunting!!!

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