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    Paint Scrubbing (D)

    Inari Osaki
    Inari Osaki

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    Paint Scrubbing (D) Empty Paint Scrubbing (D)

    Post by Inari Osaki on Sun Feb 25, 2018 3:12 pm

    Mission Name: Paint Scrubbing
    Mission Type: Chore
    Mission Rank: D
    Mission Goal: Remove of the graffiti from the Hokage Rock monument.
    Description: Some children have seen fit to deface the Hokage Rock with paint depicting crude pictures and choice words. Mr. Eguchi cares deeply for the history of the village and wishes the paint to be removed, as well as any other graffiti found near the Hokage Rock. If you happen across the children responsible, you may reprimand them with care.
    Payment: 10,000 Ryo
    Requirements: Genin

    Strength: D
    Constitution: C
    Stamina: B
    Speed: C++
    Coordination: B
    Intelligence: B
    Perception: C++

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