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    Annual Gladius Advertising Contest

    Shimiko Chinoike
    Shimiko Chinoike

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    Annual Gladius Advertising Contest Empty Annual Gladius Advertising Contest

    Post by Shimiko Chinoike Tue Sep 14, 2021 2:56 am

    We are officially hosting our third advertising competition!

    The competition will run for 2 weeks and will end on September 28th at 11:59 EST. There will be first, second, and third place prizes for the person who posts our ad on the most amount of sites. Even if you see an ad from Gladius from a previous year, you can still re-post the 2021 Ad so long as you're the first to do so. When posting our new ad for this year also make sure to make a separate thread. The prizes are as follows:

    1st Place - Gold

    1. 3 Additional Months of the Beta Post-War Perk System
    2. 300K Ryo
    3. X-Class Unique NPC Enhanced State Option [ES Slot must still be earned]
    4. 400 Experience

    2nd Place - Silver

    1. 2 Additional Months of the Beta Post-War Perk System
    2. 200K Ryo
    3. Menzagakure
    4. 300 Experience

    3rd Place - Bronze

    1. 1 Additional Month of the Beta Post-War Perk System
    2. 200 Experience
    3. 100K Ryo


    Annual Gladius Advertising Contest Rsz-2gladius-rp

    Code for the Advertisement

    Additional Link: https://gladiusnarutorp.forumotion.com/forum

    Contest Tracking Thread: https://gladiusnarutorp.forumotion.com/t5363-advertising-contest-tracker-thread


    Annual Gladius Advertising Contest P5_portrait_of_Anne_Takamaki27s_Phantom_Thief_outfit_without_mask


    • Strength: D
    • Constitution: D
    • Stamina: A++
    • Speed: A
    • Coordination: S
    • Intelligence:  B
    • Perception: A


    • 1x Kālīkoroshimasu
    • 1x Kālīkoroshimasu (Chakra Disruption Technology)
    • 10x Serrated Kunai
    • Six Sai of Serration
    • Badger's Claws
    • Chinowakugumi Armour (Snow Armour Technology)
    • Twin Tessen of Terror

    Kitsuki Kurahasa
    Kitsuki Kurahasa

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    Annual Gladius Advertising Contest Empty Re: Annual Gladius Advertising Contest

    Post by Kitsuki Kurahasa Sat Oct 09, 2021 3:22 pm

    The winners for the 2021 advertising contest are as follows:

    1st Place - Suguru
    2nd Place - Satoru
    3rd Place - Tamwyn


    "I talked to God about you, he said he sent you Angel and look at all that he gave you, you asked one and you go two."

    Strength: S
    Constitution: S
    Stamina: A
    Speed: C
    Coordination: C
    Intelligence: D
    Perception: A

    Quantum Meruit Armour [50/43]
    Amicus Curiae [20/20 Explosions] {Contained in Temporal Stasis via Angelic Return}
    100 Broadhead Arrows [C-Grade Quality] {Contained in Temporal Stasis via Angelic Return}

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