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    Head's up Empty Head's up

    Post by RinUchiha Tue Jan 26, 2021 8:38 pm

    So, as some might know that I've been struggling financially and dealing with a slob land owner for the past couple of months now. Even after being threatened to be evicted by the end of this month, I still kept training and was sent to a nuclear power plant just yesterday. Consequently I have no signal there whatsoever, so I can't even call or text anyone until I leave the first 5 mile vicinity from the plant.

    The main kicker aside from depression that made my decision was that I was just informed that my grandfather, who has a Stage 4 lung cancer, was taken to the hospital tonight. While I am waiting for the confirmation if I need to drive multiple of hours to get over there, there's a high possibility that he will not make it. So in any case I'm stepping back from my threads, Theater of War can continue or conclude however you wish, but I just can't get my emotions in check right now. This isn't me saying that I won't come back, I just need some time to collect myself.

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