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    Book on a Shelf


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    Book on a Shelf Empty Book on a Shelf

    Post by Shin Thu Nov 26, 2020 2:11 am

    Dewey Decimal:
    Mission Name: Dewey Decimal
    Mission Type: Chore
    Mission Rank: D
    Mission Goal: Work at the Library
    Description: the librarian has requested help with the daily tasks involved with running the library, help her however she needs from checking books out for the customers to putting the return books to their proper shelf.
    Payment: 10k
    Requirements: -

    After only having spent a few minutes working, Shin came to appreciate the library even more so than he had prior. No longer was there constant noise, but rather a hush silence that permeated the building for what would be hours on end. Prior to today, Shin’s trips to a library had been infrequent and for the purpose of attaining a book and then retreating back to his residence; this had been when he was in Kumogakure no Sato. This was his first time within the walls of Iwa’s library and Shin found himself thinking that a potential return he could just very well be possible for enjoyment overwork.

    The librarian had tasked him with a relatively simple task, returning the books to their proper shelf. The task required more thinking than he initially thought, though most of the books were already sorted into their proper sections with a piece of paper indicating where. From there, Shin would simply need to check the inside of the book for the identification of where the book was placed and the only, truly, difficult part of this assignment was alphabetically placing the book into the right spot. The reason Shin found it more aggravating than it should have been was due to one simple thing; some of the books already on the shelf were misplaced. Shin took it upon himself to fix the shelves where he would need to place the books he was returning – elsewise he could be stuck here for hours fixing more than was necessary. A few hours would pass, relatively uneventful, and Shin would be finished with his work here at the library.

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    Book on a Shelf WzALqda
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