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    Feeding Time


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    Feeding Time Empty Feeding Time

    Post by Shin Wed Nov 25, 2020 12:45 am

    Feed the Hounds:
    Mission Name: Feed the Hounds
    Mission Type: Chore
    Mission Rank: D
    Mission Goal: Feed the Hounds
    Description: the Dogs of Iwagakure are hungry, ensure that they all get something to eat.
    Payment: 10k
    Requirements: -

    ’Well, this is redundant.’ Shin sighed as he continued to approach the kennels. What seemed to be a task just about any sane person that could life a few pounds, had been available on the mission board. Seeing as Shin had little else to do today with the repairs on going at his house and with only so long he could spend at his temporary lodging solution, taking on a mission seemed to be the most logical solution for him. Had he been paying more attention, he would’ve taken something more interesting, but given he already accepted the task and was already there, he may as well finish up with the simple task of making sure the dogs were fed.

    The boisterous barking of several dogs echoed from a distance away from the building, and now it was essentially right in his ear. Opening the door to the main entrance the kennel, Shin noticed immediately it was empty, the caged area for the dogs just ahead of him, a bag of food sitting in the corner just outside the cage. Taking his time, Shin would fill as many bowls for as many dogs that were in the kennel. One by one, he would place them within the cage, the hounds eager to get their meal for the day. With a sigh, Shin made sure each dog had their own bowl and once that was certain, Shin would take his leave to return back to the streets of Iwagakure no Sato.

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    Feeding Time WzALqda
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