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    Surgebinders (WIP)


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    Surgebinders (WIP) Empty Surgebinders (WIP)

    Post by Marcus Sun Oct 04, 2020 10:09 pm

    [Clan Name] SurgeBinders
    [Clan Location] Everywhere
    [Bloodline Name & Type] Radiant Ones, Special
    [Current Clan Leader] N/A, they're spread out across the world for now


    Clan History/Description: TBD

    Clan/Bloodline Traits & Characteristics: Mostly TBD.

    All clan members have a being called a "Spren" that is invisible to everyone but the user and those they wish to let see them. The spren is not truly a part of this world, existing with as little physical substance as possible when it first finds one it wishes to make into a Radiant One. As the spren travels with its chosen person, it will grow and mature into an intelligent lifeform though it will still have little physical substance in this world. It can't be killed by any means other than its Radiant One betraying it or being killed, the former of which will result in an immediate forfeiture of all Surgebinding abilities. The spren can't affect the world around it except in minor ways, with objects such as a leaf being extremely difficult for it to carry. A spren's physical stats are, for all intents and purposes, permanently at E-- while Intelligence, Speed and Perception are there only temporarily. As they grow and mature, Intelligence, Speed, and Perception will grow with them. In order for a Spren to grow, the Radiant One must also gain experience and grow. They do not get statistical benefits from the stats or their perks, such as precognition, but as they get more intelligent they can warn their Radiant of potential hazards. They start out as idiots, unable to even speak, but eventually grow into beings resembling people with their thoughts and emotions.

    This Spren requires the Radiant One to act in certain ways, and if the Radiant One falls too far away from the ideal their spren expects from them then the spren will abandon them, leaving them as a clanless individual. Once lost, a spren can never be regained and neither can its Surgebinding capabilities. Other than the spren, Radiant Ones vary as much as the human race itself varies. Anyone from any place can be chosen.

    Bloodline Description & Abilities: (WIP, as I don't want to do the work for all ten Radiant Ones if the one I'm registering gets declined anyways. Will update as time goes, depending on approval)

    Each Surgebinder has access to different levels of surges, each requiring their spren to evolve as well as experience to unlock. Once a Spren is at the appropriate level of evolution and the requisite amount of experience has been paid, these surges and their various techniques may be unlocked. All Surgebinders, once they have gained enough experience, gain access to the only thing shared between all surges: Shards. Additionally, each spren evolution grants them a ++ to Intelligence, Speed, and Perception. Speed caps at C.

    Level One Surge: 100 experience, 100 points of evolution for the spren.

    Level Two Surge: 300 experience, 200 points of evolution for the spren.

    Level Three Surge: 600 experience, 400 points of evolution for the spren.

    Shards: (Will wait on this to see if the basic premise is approved first)

    There are ten different orders of Radiant Ones, each order having access to two "Surges", abilities granted to them depending on the type of spren that is bonded to them. Each Radiant One shares a surge with another of the Radiant Ones, though none wield the exact same two abilities. These Surges are:

    Adhesion: This Surge is used to bind objects together, with the power of the adhesion depending on the amount of chakra infused. Used by Windrunners and Bondsmiths.

    Gravitation: This Surge is used for Basic and Reverse Lashings, allowing the Surgebinder to alter the way in which gravity interacts with an object. Used by Windrunners and Skybreakers.


    Since there is currently only to be one member of the clan, only Windrunners and their basic abilities will be covered with the other Surgebinders being updated as time progresses. The ten types of Radiant Ones and the type of spren that they must bond are:

    Windrunners- Honor Spren. In order for a honor spren to bond and remain bonded to a Windrunner, the Windrunner must walk the path of honor. Honor spren tend to hate unjustified killing and deeds that are accounted as evil in general. They understand that sometimes people must die, but they do not like it even then. An honor spren expects a certain level of dignity, duty, and justice from their chosen Radiant One and will not tolerate truly horrible deeds the Radiant One might commit. To live a life of honor is required to be a Windrunner, which often includes doing what is right even when it is clearly detrimental to the Radiant One or his party to do so. Honor Spren float in the air in the general vicinity of their Radiant One, unable to go further than 200 meters from their location.

    Bloodline Limits & Drawbacks: Depending on the spren bonded, certain actions will not be tolerated and act detrimentally to the bond between spren and Radiant One. Each post with a spren where the user does not do anything against their code gives 10 points towards spren maturity, while each approved action itself grants an additional 10 points. Each post where they do a detestable action takes 10 points away, with the action itself also taking 10 points away. If a Spren reaches -100 points with their Radiant One, they will abandon them and leave them unable to perform Surges. Each level of evolution can be reverted via point loss, along with the growth and techniques granted by that level. A Radiant must always be vigilant to maintain their power. That means it's possible for them to lose access to abilities they had before should they behave too badly. The spren and their likes/dislikes are:

    Honor Spren: Likes- Mercy, Actions that uphold Justice (Not necessarily the law), Speaking the truth, Helping those in need, being a decent person in general. Dislikes- Unwarranted killing, harming others for the sake of harming them, lies stronger than a white lie or a joke, Doing dishonorable things (Such as abandoning helpless people even if it might cost your allies their lives), things that are generally distasteful.

    The others are TBD

    Additionally, since the spren are invisible to others, a Radiant One could be seen as a loon when talking to their spren since it will appear as if they're talking to themselves. Not a harsh drawback, but it can lead to them being social outcasts. Most drawbacks are directly related to their abilities, which are listed below.

    Shards drawbacks: TBD

    Clan Techniques


    Name: Sticky Fingers (Level One Surge, Adhesion)
    Rank: D
    Power: E-C
    Activation Cost: 1-5
    Upkeep Cost: N/A
    Range: Touch
    Speed: N/A
    Element: N/A
    Skill: Ninjutsu
    Classification: Clan technique
    Requirements: Be a Windrunner or Bondsmith and pay the required experience
    Parent Technique: N/A
    Hand Seals: N/A, requires touch
    Description: Sticky Fingers is the first manifestation of abilities that a Windrunner has access to. It is technically a type of lashing, though for the sake of keeping things in line it will be referred to as Sticky Fingers instead. What Sticky Fingers does is allow the user to, well, make things stick to each other. The degree of power depends on how strong they want the object in question to stick to something else. The Windrunner infuses chakra onto the surface of something, whether that's a person's body, their clothes, their weapon, a sack of coins, rocks, etc. Once that has been done, the next surface that object comes into contact with will cause that object to stick to it. The amount of strength required to break the bond is equal to the power of the bond used. This strength lessens by one tier every post after the chakra has been infused until it goes below E-Tier or is physically broken by raw power, at which point the effect will dissipate entirely. The Windrunner has no control over how the infused object behaves after the chakra is infused, with the infused chakra being what sustains the jutsu instead of a continuous upkeep. That is why the bond lessens in power over time.

    The chakra may also be infused onto surfaces as a trap, such as infusing chakra onto the ground in anticipation of someone stepping on the chakra and getting temporarily stuck to that part of the ground. The bond can be made stronger, though this is an advanced technique that will be covered in a separate jutsu.

    Weaknesses: The bond is not inherently powerful in and of itself, with most people being able to break it without much issue. It's more of a hindrance than a true disability against all but the weakest opponents and is typically utilized for pranks. If a Windrunner has not unlocked the Basic Lashing ability yet, then at least twice a thread they must accidentally bind something at E rank power due to their lack of experience in utilizing their latent abilities. Additionally, items larger than a human body cannot be infused.

    Name: Basic Lashing (Level Three Surge, Gravitation)
    Rank: B
    Power: C
    Activation Cost: 5
    Upkeep Cost: 3
    Range: Touch
    Speed: Varies
    Element: N/A
    Skill: Ninjutsu
    Classification: Clan Technique
    Requirements: Must be a Windrunner or Skybreaker and paid the required experience
    Parent Technique: N/A
    Hand Seals: N/A, requires the target to be physically touched or for the target to be the user themselves.

    Description: Basic Lashing is the second and more well known ability among the Windrunners. The lashing, simply put, allows the user to change what direction is "down" in regards to the object they have touched and infused with chakra. This alters the way in which gravity interacts with the object depending on which direction the lashing is going. For example, if the lashing is pointed east then east will become the new "down" for the object in question, and it will "fall" towards the east until the lashing is undone. The speed at which the object falls depends on its size and weight and it can't travel faster than its terminal velocity with a Basic Lashing. For mechanical purposes, anything smaller than a human will begin to fall at E++ speed and will cap at C tier speed, increasing by two advantages every post after the lashing is used. For objects roughly the size and weight of a human, including a human, it will begin to fall at D+ speed and will cap at C++ speed at the same rate per post. For anything larger than a human but no larger than twice the size and weight of the average human, it will begin at C tier speed and increase to B+ at the same rate.

    Physics rules this jutsu in every way. The lashing affects only what is touched, meaning if a sword is touched and lashed it will fall in whichever direction is chosen, but if the person holding the sword is strong enough to prevent it from falling normally then they won't be affected by the change too much except in the direction with which they must apply force to prevent the blade from "falling" from their grasp. Items that are worn, such as clothing and armor, will pull at whoever is wearing them as if the wearer was hanging from a cliff with the article of attire dragging on them. With a shirt this is no issue, but with armor it will present a much more difficult problem to overcome. Trying to fight with a piece of armor pulling you directly sideways or even into the air is much more difficult and will hinder the person wearing the armor as they fight. If the wearer does not weigh enough, they will be pulled with the armor or item they're holding in the direction that is "down" for that object.

    Should every piece of armor be lashed, then the armor will most assuredly drag them "down". Mechanically, this translates to the person who owns the lashed items to have D tier strength to fight the weight of gravity for a full sized weapon or piece of armor (katana, quarterstaff, etc. Kunai and shuriken do not matter as their weight is insignificant). For each additional weapon or piece of armor lashed with a Basic Lashing, the amount of strength needed to resist the effects of gravity increases by one advantage. If the target is resisting more than four lashings, they receive a penalty of one disadvantage to speed and coordination (this requires multiple lashings to be active, a very costly maneuver).

    In regards to projectiles, if they've been lashed then the direction of fall will be altered to suit. If "east" is now "down", then the projectile arc will be towards the east rather than towards the ground. Multiple lashings can be applied at the same time, however they must be in separate directions. Multiple lashings in the same direction will be covered in a separate technique.

    Weaknesses: The "fall" can be interrupted by any physical object strong enough to withstand the weight of what is falling. For instance, if a human was touched and lashed east and they "fell" into a stone wall, their momentum would stop and they would be able to stand and fight on that wall as if it was now the ground. If the lashing is released, everything goes back to normal. If a piece of armor or a weapon is lashed, simply letting go of the weapon or stripping the piece of armor off will release the target of the negative effects from the lashing. The user can lash themselves in any direction they wish, though this is not always a good thing if they're not completely aware of their surroundings. In order to lash another person, the user must either touch the person themselves or the other person must be wearing very thin or skintight material, such as mesh or latex. Lashing through armor or hide is not possible. Lashing is also not precise for longer distances. It's almost impossible without high intelligence to gauge how and where something will "fall" once lashed, as this only changes the direction in which gravity affects the object. It doesn't precisely point and drive the object towards an objective, it only goes in that general area and is still affected by things such as wind resistance, the curvature of the planet, etc.

    Name: Fractional Lashing
    Rank: D
    Power: E-D
    Activation Cost: 1-4
    Upkeep Cost: 1
    Range: Touch
    Speed: N/A
    Element: N/A
    Skill: Ninjutsu
    Classification: Clan Technique
    Requirements: Be a Windrunner or Skybreaker, have access to Basic Lashing
    Parent Technique: Basic Lashing
    Hand Seals: N/A, requires touch or the user to be the target

    Description: This is the same thing as a Basic Lashing, except it is done in fractional amounts. Where a Basic Lashing could be called a "Full" Lashing, this technique covers lashings that are weaker in power than that. The most basic lashing of this variety is called a "Half Lash". A half lash pulls half of the target's weight in one direction while the other half stays going the direction it had been going before. So if one is half lashed to the east, half their weight will pull east while half of it continues to pull down. This doesn't provide any statistical benefits or disadvantage or anything of the sort as it is not a full lashing. This can be used to lash someone up, pulling half their weight up while the other half remains being pulled down which results in a state of weightlessness. Any force applied to them in this state will be like pushing someone in a near vacuum such as space that is devoid of gravity, meaning they'll travel that direction at the speed they were pushed until stopped by an external force. The same effect can be achieved by half lashing an object in two opposite directions at once, making this very useful in preventing nasty falls. A half lashing is of D rank power

    The other type of lashing is a "Quarter Lashing". This is exactly what it sounds like, distributing the target's weight one quarter in one direction with the other three quarters going the opposite direction and costs only 1 point of stamina to activate. This lashing can be applied on top of a half lashing to make a three quarters lashing which is effectively the same thing as a quarter lashing with the amounts flipped. This provides no statistical benefit in most cases, however it has one unique caveat. If one is quarter lashed straight up, this effectively cuts their weight in half as the quarter of their weight being pulled up balances out another quarter of their weight being pulled down. This increases the Speed of the target, whether that be the user or someone else, by two advantages but reduces the Strength of their strikes due to the lost weight by one disadvantage. They're able to jump higher and further however, as the power of their body has not actually changed and they're still pushing against the earth rather than trying to fight an opponent who is actively pushing back on them with their own strength. The disadvantage to Strength thus does not apply to maneuvers in regards to the environment, but only in their ability to attack and defend.

    A Basic Lashing can be reduced to a smaller sized lashing by the user after it has been applied by withdrawing some of the chakra used to sustain it, but imbuing more chakra is not possible. Thus, a smaller lashing can't be increased to a Full Lashing without another touch being applied/ the target being the user themselves. If this happens, the difference in cost for the two lashings is all that must be paid as most of the chakra is already applied to the target in question.

    Weaknesses: Most weaknesses are noted in the description itself, with all weaknesses regarding the Basic Lashing also applying to this jutsu.

    Name: Reverse Lashing (Level Two Surge, Gravitation)
    Rank: C
    Power: C
    Activation Cost: 5
    Upkeep Cost: 3
    Range: Touch for Activation, 5 meters for use
    Speed: N/A
    Element: N/A
    Skill: Ninjutsu
    Classification: Clan Technique
    Requirements: Be a Windrunner or Skybreaker, pay the required experience
    Parent Technique: N/A
    Hand Seals: N/A, object must be physically touched

    Description: This lashing is the opposite of Basic Lashing in terms of principles. Whereas Basic Lashing pulls the object lashed towards another point via "falling" that direction, Reverse Lashing pulls other objects with less mass towards itself. One example of this would be infusing a shield and using Reverse Lashing to "pull" projectiles towards the shield by shifting the focus of gravity for those objects to the shield rather than allowing the natural gravity of the planet to guide the projectiles. This is dangerous for obvious reasons, as it pulls a bunch of things directly at the object and if that object is near the user it puts them in danger. The objects pulled continue traveling at the speed they were at, just with the focus of their trajectory shifted towards the lashed object.
    Weaknesses: Objects directly touching the ground that aren't moving can't be pulled with this basic Reverse Lash as the planet's gravity has too much of a hold on it. Only objects that are moving and thus fighting against natural gravity anyways may be affected, and only if they have less than one-quarter the mass of the lashed object. For example, a kunai could not pull an arrow as the weight difference is not enough, but a breastplate would be able to pull a group of shuriken towards it as the weight of each shuriken is far less than the weight of the breastplate. Objects that have other objects inside of them have the weight of the carried object added to their own, while the lashed object has only its weight to rely upon. That means it's nearly impossible to pull a human being towards the user unless that person is a small child, particularly if the person is armored as they would have to pull the combined weight of the person AND the armor. Pulled objects do not stick, they are simply pulled to the lashed object. Arrows will still pierce and rocks will still bludgeon.

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