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    New Boros


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    New Boros Empty New Boros

    Post by Seid on Sun Sep 06, 2020 1:43 am

    Seid made his way through the deep and illustrious hallways the led to the council building. Today was a special day. Seid had done the impossible, and was able to establish contact between Boros and Earth. Being the liaison was of course only right, he had learned their ways. Become apart of their community as a protector. And they extended the same rights to the Otsutsukis. After the clan district was built. The Deva Path set up a meeting. He had brought a large number of people from Boros.

    He quickly stated his leadership of this area and over his people. The meeting would be quick and to the point. After naming himself clan leader, he named the district "New Boros". That way the people of Boros would feel more welcome to an alien world.


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