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    zen yuki


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    zen yuki  Empty zen yuki

    Post by Gitchii on Sat Aug 29, 2020 10:52 am

    Name: zen yuki
    Age: 24
    Gender: male
    Village: kiri
    Rank: B rank  
    Title: jounin

    Clan: yuki clan 
    Bloodline: ice release 
    Element(s): water, wind and earth  
    Skill(s): ninjutsu, kochiyose , kanchijutsu  

    B-Class starts with 2000.+1650+ 300 starting Experience in kiri = 3950 - 1000 for ice


    D: 150
    C: 450
    B: 950
    A: 1,650
    S: 2,650


    • Strength: D- 150
    • Constitution: C: 450
    • Stamina: C 450
    • Speed: C: 450
    • Coordination:C: 450
    • Intelligence: C: 450
    • Perception: C: 450

    100 LEFT OVER

    Unique Abilities: update later on


    zen is an incredibly tall, slim, yet muscular man. At 6 and a half feet tall,  He has black, curly hair cut to chin length that fans out at the tips, tanned skin, and an altogether lean, long build.He wears a blue bandana that covers most of his hair, leaving only the tips which fan out. He wears a white V-neck shirt with black trousers, as well as an open dark blue-green trenchcoat that extends past his knees. He also now wears black cowboy boots along with his old pair of green round sunglasses.

    zen received several burn scars spanning from the right side of his neck down to his entire right shoulder and onto his torso due to his parent's punishments as a child. he wears a belt that had pouches for supplies.

    pic :
    zen yuki  Ac0daa10

    Zen was born into a family of killers a family of assassins, a vile family. Most people could look back at their childhood with some type of fond Memories even through Rough times for the most part but zen could hardly think of one, his family were never the loving type and showed little to no affection towards him.

    As far back as he could remember he had to fight to service, everything was a test, as a boy he didn’t know much else he just mostly followed orders and didn’t ask many questions, he had learned it was better not to ask anything at all. Beatings were his main form of punishment as if he did anything out of line then he would often feel the wrath of his father.

    He was a shell of a boy he had little to no knowledge of what a real family was, only that of fighting and killing. It was a passage for his family, they lived with the beliefs of the old ways before joining Kirigakure.

    His parents had psychological issues. Certainly not mentally sound to raise a child, they were old but wicked strong, the battles that had taken place over there years had sent them insane with fear. they planned for the future of constant war and the need to pass down what they had learned to an Heir, they wanted him to be a fierce warrior Someone that struck fear in his
    Enemy’s hearts when his name was spoken and to carry on the old ways. His parents always told him Fighting was in his nature being of the yuki clan but it seemed like they were moulding him into something else completely.  

    As he was constantly training at such a young age he quickly developed
    Skills way beyond his years. By the age of seven, he had already killed multiple times, his parents still took on jobs and often Brought zen to witness them, they were evil, so much so they forced his first kill to simply gain character.

    All through his teenage years, his parents continued with their cruelty due to his training and intense upbringing he quickly unlocked his clan's Kekkei genkai, that was truly when his training started to intensify, his mother was a great user of ice release teaching him all that she had learned, she never held back and didn’t hesitate to inflict damage on zen whenever there was an opening, nearly killing him on a few occasions.
    By this point in time he was fully aware of what was wrong with his parents he knew there was some kind of mental issues with them both.

    Now knowing how to use ice release he became fascinated in what was possible, he loved to create and attempted to come up with his own techniques
    Something he would later make his life goal he wants to be someone that creates the ultimate Jutsu, As time went by he started to learn more and more his knowledge and usage in different types of Jutsu became advanced.

    As his parents were already quite old time finally started to catch up with them, despite all their Cruel behaviours he stood by their side until their time was up, it was his father that stayed alive the longest the cruellest of them both, he finally told zen what his goal was and what they were training him to do one day and how he should be moving forward after his death, to carry on the old ways and to take Kirigakure by force but it was not something zen agreed with and muttered to him before his last breath that he would do the complete Opposite, with little to no sympathy, it was time for a new way. With nothing to care for he decided to turn to Kirigakure.

    after making a change to his life he became more involved with the village and quickly raised through the ranks to become a jounin, they were more than happy to support him with his life goal, there was a wide range of studies for him to research and a lot more for him to learn other than what his parents thought was Necessary, although he could not change his upbringing he was slowly changing, he was still cold but the idea of a way of life for children to be raised with peace around was something he wanted to accomplish. Even with the possibility of opening up to someone.


    Just like his touch zen is cold, he doesn't show much affection, cold-hearted would sound about right, the battles he's had and seen has left a lasting mark on his soul.

    Battles have hardened him, distancing himself knowing any missions could mean death. He had seen so much death and seen the heart ace that came with it and didn’t want to place that pain on someone else, he even vowed not to love so he’d never experience heartache.

    Zen is a lone wolf, A warrior that would fight and act better alone not worrying for his teammates, unfortunately, some missions and cases could not help it, he would often take a backseat not wanting a leadership role.

    Zen is reliable and loyal, he would do anything necessary to complete his goals and tasks. Without family his sole purpose is to create and get stronger, he enjoys nothing more than training and creating, developing new Jutsu. He's fascinated in Chakra styles and really wants to push invention as his life goal. being able to use ice release, a rare nature made him even more curious about what he could create and what else is out there to discover.

    He is simplistic due to his childhood but not so unforgiving at the same time he’s a strong and sturdy Character but also fair and just, he likes to think things through and doesn’t rush into anything new other than his studies

    Roleplay Sample:

    already done this is a new char

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