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    When silence reigns


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    When silence reigns  Empty When silence reigns

    Post by Sero on Wed Jul 22, 2020 12:34 pm

    The isle of whispers was not known to be a kind place. Nothing kind of heart stirred in the swamps with dead branches stretching out through thick mists as silence held this place. Like a fist tightened around a throat. Any sound made seemed to echo as even the beasts beneath the surface hardly stirred. Nothing here could be claimed. No riches or power. Only death would await those who wandered too deep within or remained too long. Such was not a place for the normal man. However just on the other side of a wide river from this isle was another. Thick tree's void of leaves resided on the other side of the river from this place. As if even this close the woods had slowly been consumed by the death that lingered across the river. Nothing stirred in those dead branches. The soil housed no wheat or other food. However along the river was one cave with one soul within. A soul so tainted it seemed this part of the woods was darker than the rest. Something here held the air like a child holding it's breath hiding from monsters. The things we believed in as children that lurked in our closets and in the dark corners of our rooms. Scratching at the glass and just out of sight. Waiting for us to sleep. The reason children slept with a light on at night. Fearing the boogeyman would come for them in their sleep. That boogeyman now seemed to live within this cave.

    It was so quiet there. The mist clung to the ground like a blanket. Slowly swirling here and there over pools of water that threatened to swallow up anything that might wander too far in. The cave mouth seemed to almost be drinking the mist with Stalagmites and Stalactites rising from the floor and dripping from the ceiling like a great maw filled with darkness awaiting whoever may enter such a place. However something felt off within the reaches of the cave just outside the isle of whispers. As if something had escaped from there and taken up residence across the river protecting the isle next door. There was something deep within that seemed to be waiting. As if it could see out into the world from deep within and waited for those foolish enough to enter into it's domain. A hunger hanging in the air that seemed to almost give the cave life. A breeze passing by hit the cave in just the right way that it seemed to growl almost.

    Within the cave it seemed to sink lower into the earth. A pathway following it down. The only sign of life was the stream running down the side of the path and the broken cobwebs of someone having just recently come through. Deep down into the cave it grew darker and darker as the mist seemed to continue to pour into this place until there was a light ahead. A fire flickering with life down as the tunnel leveled out and moved into a large opening. There the vaulted ceiling had an opening which allowed in natural light through a man sized hole above. Mold grew on the walls and a pool of water settled in the center. Off to the side though there was a thin man who sat by the fire warming himself. A rat perhaps or something like it had the skin and guts pulled out and off. Bait for later. A long and sharp bone pierced through it as it cooked over the fire. Sero sat there waiting as hunger had begun to rule him. He was not disgusted by his meal choice. He didn't care. He was sitting there in stained white pants with shinobi sandals over black socks. A black shirt with a vneck revealing his pale features and a doctors coat over him as if for warmth. His blue hair sat wildly about his features with one long bang hanging in his face. Cold blue eyes watching the pool with no sense of life or emotion to them. Along the right side of his face was a bone jaw with closed teeth separate from his mouth. As if the skin there had long since faded away.

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